Day 138 The last Border

Saturday 25th August

I emerged from my tent at 6am visited the loo then retrieved my food bag from the Bear box. I quickly packed up then made tea and oats. Then i was ready as I wanted to try and do a long day. I said goodbye to iron man and marched out of the camp

I was soon back on the trail. and started  with the normal climb which was followed by another then another as I dropped down I was greeted with a long lake. I scanned the shores for moose. Well you can hope . The trail skirted around it and then back up now and then I came to a great view where I stood and surveyed the sights. Then i was off again, soon coming to another beautiful lake  as  I of approached  it I startled a hiker who in turn startled me . it was a sobo called late start who was living her name.
We chatted for a bit  before returning ack to the trail ,I was getting excited as i would cross the border later today my last state and I would be in Maine.

I spent the next few hours in and out of forests .clambering over many  blowdowns ( trees) cursing them as I struggled to get over the thick ones ( little legs) then I was back to the boards but typically where they ended the boys began they all need moving 6 foot forwards . I was puffing and panting  before arriving at a marker that read 1900 mark whoop whoop. that cheered me up.
The 1900 marker seemed to give me extra energy as I pushed on trying to avoid the deep bogs..
It’s a game I play let’s see how long I can keep my feet dry.
Eventually I emerged on top of another summit and stayed there. it was a rock path . I checked my watch it was 12.30 and a good place to stop. I dropped my pack and got out my snacks. I took off my shoes and socks to let my feet breath then decided to swap my socks.
I checked my map and was a little disappointed in my mileage only 7. but the trail had been fairly tough

I had hoped to be at the border by now and then a short afternoon. But I still had a fair way to go.
I packed up and set off again and was soon on the boards again fording  more bogs. In the distance I could see and hear a large group of people, as I got closer I could see that they were all sat on a huge rock. there were about 20 high school students celebrating the end of something!.
I passed them and continued on after several  more climbs and descents I was beginning to struggle.
I was completely knackered and I still hadn’t got to the border, the continuous up and downs have just drained me. I slurped on my bladder taking big gulps.
Come on Snail I said to myself it can’t be far, but I was too afraid to look at the map.
It was almost another hour till I reached the magical sign .
Thank fuck for that I said to myself . I took several pictures. Then another rest. there were several flat spots I could camp here. I checked my map the next campsite was in 5 miles and it was 2pm
If the trail was good if be there by 4.30 say 5* at the latest.
Or should i camp here ? No I will push on ( Sometimes you make bad decisions HINDSIGHT)

I pushed on and omg. Welcome to MAINE..I think that they had tried to make the trail as hard and as dangerous as possible .


The trail was  completely nuts. Maybe they don’t want hikers to go any further.  The downs were sheer slabs of rock with nothing to hold on to .Then a letterbox that looked almost impossible to navigate around especially wearing a pack . after a that it was the  duck boards, These had rungs on them and seemed to go on for miles I felt like I was a chicken trying to get back in my coop!

Then there was the MUD  deep oozing with now simple way around it and all this while climbing up and down a bloody yo yo .
The trail was so bloody hard and mad that it took me another 5.5 hours to get to camp almost an extra 3 hours.

I have to say I was winging for the last 2 . but it’s because I was tired and knackered and wanted to get to camp early , I’ve done another 15 and it was a bloody hard 15.
And I know it will be similar again tomorrow.
Once at the campsite I threw up my tent went and got water then cooked. The first cup of tea hit the spot then I cooked pasta which i quickly woofed. I put my food Inn the Bear box I noticed iron man arrive. we both agreed that it was a tough afternoon

i now need my bed

Start. 1899
Finish. 1914
Miles. 15
miles left. 276


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