Day 137

Friday 24th August

my alarm went off I silenced it then the next it had just gone 7 when I finally emerged

Bugger in wanted to be up earlier. so why did switch of the alarms. I groggily got up visited the loo then the Bear box . there were so many hikers streaming out of camp as the shelter was packed last night. I made my way to the cooking area and made tea I was going to make breakfast too but I couldn’t be bothered .It was late and I knew it was going a slow getaway.

I first needed to repair or sort out my pack . I grabbed my fanny pack the buckle looked similar. maybe that would work . I cut off the buckles and removed the broken one pack eureka!! it fits. thank god .
Hopefully it will do until I can order a new one from Osprey. As I walked out of camp I could still here the boys .
I continued up the side trail back to the trail at the signpost to the camp I stared at it the distance was faded but read 1800 yards. still it was further than that.
I pushed on happy that my buckle was now fixed, It would of been a night mare with out it and I would have  probably gone into the first town.

The morning always start with a climb and so today’s was no exception. the views were great  but it’s been a  similar view for the last four of days stunning but once you have seen trees you have seen them.
I  pushed on and over more rock that saps your strength and gets you’re heart pumping.
As i descended I began to hear voices and soon came across a group of 8 hikers. Excuse me I said and they all stood aside to let me through. Thank you.
I pushed on while i had the momentum and energy. ha ha .
Shortly I was on the duck boards, I like these as they are level and straight meaning your not weaving in and out of the trees. which I find annoying once over the boards the trail dipped down and sharply.

This is the bit that kills my knees and it went down and down and down and down and down some more . the last bit was a stone stair case which again kills the knees I normally go down sideways as it feels better. but every now and then the step is steep meaning you really have to stretch your leg at last I was at the bottom and several creeks ran past.
I checked my map to see if I needed water or if I could push on, nope there is plenty of water ahead . Great so less to carry. I did a small climb then I was in the forest on a smooth wide FLAT! path that’s been a while ,such a joy to walk on I followed the creek along on this lovely path. I decided that I would take a break at 1pm or the shelter …..Whatever came first. It was the shelter.
I dropped my pack and decided I’d make a brew. I was just pouring the water on tea when iron man arrived. he  decided to join me  and have lunch too.
WE were both relaxing when a family, Grandad and Grandma came along. They were  looking for some  Falls, but I hadn’t see any neither had iron man, so they continued on .
Then the Boys arrived Sasquatch and short mile looked as they had , had a swim we exchanged insults then they pushed on as they were getting off at the road to resupply again  back in Gorman.
Soon after they had gone Kaleidoscope and Ahem appeared  see you up trail guys  i called  before packing up and heading out.
As I hiked on a man coning the other way warned us of trail magic ahead in the parking lot. Great thanks I said

It wasn’t long until I arrived , there was Sasquatch short mile, Samaritan, Iron man, kaleidoscope,  Ahem and the lady doing the magic. we swapped a dozen more insults then the lady passed me a bowl of salad It was a chicken Caesar salad, bloody tasty i washed that down with orange juice followed by a large chocolate milk, there were loads of muffins too typically i had  recently just stopped for  lunch  lol
The boys were going into town from here and the lady said that she would take them.
I am always amazed at the generosity of people out here.
I wished them well plus more insults and hiked out.
The trail  crosses a large river as I was enjoying the view a customised car came by .it was an old pickup  fitted with  3.5 Chevy engine in it and looked fab and sounded awesome.

Once across the river it was approximately 7 more miles to camp and just for a change it was up and steep , I spent the afternoon climbing and by 4pm I was exhausted .

I took a break on the top of another hill, checked my phone .I had service so quickly phoned osprey.
I spoke to Christopher who was very helpful and would do his best to get the new buckle to me by Monday.
I felt chuffed and in such good spirts  as i hiked on, I was actually flying until I got to the next big climb and my energy level dropped to empty.
How much further ..I calculated 6.30 and  by then the light would be fading so dinner on the dark.
I pushed on my watch pinged 6pm great, It can’t be much further.. The trail has this annoying habit that the last mile is like an army obstacle course that tries  to kill you Even more fun when your knackered . I am tired and just want my bed as I am struggling . I then  hear voices behind me was kaleidoscope and Ahem ..I let them pass. as the trail to the campsite  appears

At last, I passed several tents , the privy and bear box. Then i see Iron man.. I set up next to him.
Once settled  i cook a late dinner  then zz
I expected Samaritan and his crew to arrive but maybe they have stayed in town


Start. 1885
Finish. 1899
Miles. 15
miles left. 291


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