Day 136. wildcats

Thursday 23rd August

I was awake early but I mustcafmit it was lovely to sleep in a big bed.

I went down stairs at 6.30 used the looo then went back to my bed to start sorting out my stuff. I have too much i always have too much I carry too.much. Once I was packed I took my packndown stairs and weighed it. 46lb I’m probably one of the heaviest on trail and you do not win prizes for being heavy but it’s always aground this weight

I made coffee and had a good go at my ice cream that I forgot to eat last night. grrrr.

at last itvwas shuttle time I out my pack in the car with my fellow hikers.We were b ing driven by a friend of Paul’s and wow how knowledgeable She was. Born and bread she knew every hill, and trail. as he told us aboht the family thst owned all of the land. The man who built the road to Mt Washington and the man who laid thec tracks for the train.

Soon we were back at pinkleys nudge . We thanked our driver as we removed our packs from the boot.

I hoisted mine up and walked across the road Samaritan and his crew headed the other way May be getting a coffee or something . As I stepped foot on the trail I noticed there was a definite chill in the sir and shivered. Next minute Samaritan returned as they had headed the wrong way. Sasquatch and short mile zoomed to the front and took off. I walked with Samaritan for a while as he was a bit fed up trying to keep up with the other two as they are much faster. we were chatting away, the next minute I have slipped and I am.about to face plant a rock, Somehow I managed to twist my neck and avoid the rock but gashed my arm and leg. Fuck fuck I said and a few words.

Samaritan was amazed that I didn’t smash my face..great save he said and are you okay ?

Yes I’m.oksy more embarrassed than hurt although my leg stung.

We pushed on a short way until.the climbing started.

scrambling at first then proper climbing hands and feet I was busy concentrating then a dog ran by me . yes a dog almost up.a vertical wall followed by his owner!.

I continued on slowly . as slow is safe and safe is slow every now and then we would reach a small summit with great views. Of course Washington was clear. and you could see the Auto route snaking its way UP

the mountain range is called Wildcats and is a fairly famous ski slopes. I continued on it was over 2 hours before I reached the summit. and just a bit further was the ski lift with its gondolas.

I joked with the crew thstvi should of taken that up.

I took a few pictures then carried on as there were 3 More climbs in the Wildcat group .

I pushed on passing several sobos and day hikers several mountains later andcsgain I came to a clearing with great views .There was a couple with their dog and so they were able to tell me call about the different mountains.

it’s .7 down to the Hut he said and 1.7 up the next climb which is pretty shitty!

Okay onwards and downwards as I wanted to get to Imp shelter at least another 10 miles away.

The Down was really sketchy slippery with loose gravel. after my fall earlier I was being more careful so it took me almost an hour to get down.

Once down I was presented with two stunning lakes or ponds. . The hut was .1 away but as i wanted to visit it i took the blue blazed trail.

When i arrived I noticed the familiar packs lent against the wall. So wasn’t supprised to see the gang inside.

Have the cake Snail it’s good and so is the soup.

I ordered both plus a chunk of bread.

yep the soup was good one of the best . as the other have been a bit thin. the cake was really really good. Once I had finished my food i went to the loo.

Omg they are pretty stunning . clean and they look fairly recently built as they still smell of pine

The hutd that you. stay in look recently built too . A few pennies to stay !!

I grabbed water then began the challenge of the next climb.

I hadn’t gone too far when I met several people good luck.they all said.

It was another hour before I came to the top of this one

By now it was hot!

the rest if the day was spent climbing and decending. every now and then I was rewarded with an amazing view

I was pushing when I almost ran into a rabbit it stopped looked at me then ran off.

It was closely followed by a Martin. I tried to video. but he was far too fast. but it was lovely to see

as i continued on several of the guys from hostel shot past me as they were Sobos. maybe the other end may be easier ha ha

I decided to take a 10 minute break. I glugged some lemonade and ate a snickers . I was just about to move on when iron man came by. I fell in behind him .he was fast on the straights but omg on the tricky climbs he was useless. I had to wait at the top of each one as he climbed painfully down. but I have these moments do.i was patient . eventually it flattened and he took off

..thank God as I seemed to have lost a fair bit of time

typical I was tired and it was still at least a mile to go

I pushed on. and shortly came to a v shaped gorge although I was was vertical so your walking along the slant. off I was the next minute I’m laying on my back again fuck fuck I wasn’t hurt but I heard a click which turned out to be a snap.

the force of me going on arse caused my hip belt buckle to snap. That’s a big FUCK. as now my packs weight was all on my shoulders and because I had watered up itvwas close to 48lb again . I shouted a few more obscenities to the trees and struggled on with my broken pack . At last a sign to the campsite. it read 800 yards thank god for that. but I walked and walked and walked it was closer to .8 of a mile.

I found the care taker. she looked stressed.

So you want to camp?

I did think thst was obvious and I did want to say no judt come for a ice cream but I resisted. she pointed out the dinning area and the Bear box and privy. She then walked me to a camp spot. the boys were here plus it ironman. she pointed to a postage stamp piece of ground. . I laughed. I can’t get my tent in there as I’m large. What about the big empty tent platform?

Oh I’m expecting a big group so I’m keeping it free your havrvto put your tent in front of mine . so I followed her back

Yep I could get it in there nut it wasn’t very level. You would of thought being here all day the caretakers could spend a bit of time on the tent pads ( bare earth) just levelling them .

Butvi was tired I had a spot. I threw tent then food and chair down to the eating area. Sasquatch short mile and Samaritan where still eating . I said that was cheap $5 for the spot and ,$ 5 for here to read me a bed time story. they laughed.

It was late by the time I finished cooking took late really but I did get to see a wonderful sunset

I finished off then made my way back to my tent. and was soon asleep.

Start. 1871

Finish. 1885

Miles. 14

miles left 306

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