Day 135 Zero in Goreham

Wednesday 22 August

I didn’t need to get up as I’m on a Zero
But I had chores to do, I finally emerged at 7 am I looked at the sky it was Black it looked very threatening. a few drops began to fall. Fuck it. I quickly dropped my tent and threw it into the barn.
Just in time as it chucked it down
I packed up and brought my pack upstairs. I continued editing video, phoned Big Agnes to get a new tent bag.
Samaritan and his team were going for breakfast so I tagged along. we walked to the restaurant in the pouring rain . I but we manged to get a table and  ordered  our food . IT took a while to arrive but thte place was packed
I had ordered “The hungry hiker  which was  2 eggs, sausage ,home fries toast and French toast I added bacon and a toasted blueberry muffin.
When it eventually came it was bloody good .  but was quickly devoured .
We walked back and I began to sort my gear again. Once done it was resupply time  which was a bus to Walmart.
I walked back down to town and waited for the bus. the fare was 2 bucks .
I wandered around Wal-Mart, brought a new drive to once again clean down my phone. before  starting my food shop .Once down I  caught the bus back. Visted the post office and sent kit back up the trail.

Back at the hostel I relaxed. Cleaned down my phone and watched tv.

At 5 I went and grabbed more beer then cooked pasta for tea. so made plenty and shared it with others.

Start. 1871
Finish. 1871
Miles. zero
Miles left 319

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