Day 134

Tuesday 21st August

I was up.and out as I needed to get to north Compton Post office as I had stupidly sent a package there and hadn’t the cell service to change it.

The slog up the side trail that I went down.last night was a struggle . How I walked down it in the dark last I don’t know.

it seemed to take me ages to get back to the Hut.

I went inside got my book stamped refilled with water . then rejoined the trail.

The start was a climb up Mt Monroe and it was rock and it was steep. The soles of my feet were sore from yesterday so ached as I walked hopefully I can block thst out .

As I climbed the views were amazing but it was a tough climb.i was following the Carina but it was still hard trying to plot my route to the next cairn. i was soon puffing and panting . But the views were amazi g and typically Mt Washington was clear in the distance.

At last I reached the summit andd wow what a view . I stood on the top for several minutes just staring at the amazing views. But I was on a tight schedule as I needed to get go the post office.

I headed down or rather to the ridge. The views were stunning . and I was just amazed at their beauty. I stumbled and hesitated my way down to a flat surface.

As I began to reach the tree line I met a Australian south blunfer called shield maiden that made me smile as it’s a term.from.Vikings that is one of my favourite tv programs.

at last I was off of tbe rocks. and began to head down into the trees .

I hadn’t gone far until.i ran into Passenger, Sir mixalot, bleep and ossy. We exchanged verbal insults as they were slackpacking south as we continued on our way. Next it was the commander and Wander Woman Wander Woman gave me advice about the trail .

At last the and less rocky and I was able to get some speed up.or rather I thought I was faster.

come on snail I urged my way on as I wouldn’t be At the trail head until 1.30 then I had a double hitch .

I was still heading down but I thought I was going good on time

I crossed several creeks as I continued down from.monroe.

Then o crossed over a large creek via a suspension bridge.

I was busy stomping down the trail when I came snagged on s branch stupidly I wrenched free, onlybtp find that itvwas my tent stuff sack thatceas caught so it was now ripped in two and my tent fluttered out behind me..I was more concerned thst in May of ripped my tent so.i had to stop to.i investigate.Luckily not . so had to carry out a quick repair / bodge on my tent bag then I was on my way.

I shortly emerged onto a road. shall I hitch I pondered.

as forestry can appeared and stopped so.i asked the driver for advice on how to get to the post office. He recommended continuing on to Pickcom Notch. Do that’s what I did. I soon began to see people who h meant that I was close.

Soon I was there . I went inside to grab a soda. Out side was pipin and xxx

I gave the normal abuse then headed for the road and to hitch to North Compton

It was 10 minutes before I had a ride .the guy was a all round dude. hiker, surfer, skier etc. he made me feel quite dull he was my age May be older. but a great car companion. He ended up dropping me at the post office. I grabbed my new Snozzel bag from xped posted my tourist stuff up the trail , then headed back to the road. my driver suggested thst I walk to the next set of lights then hitch.

It worked . a lady stopped she was retired and had just been fishing.. as we drove she said bugger it my golf has been cancelled I might as we take you to Goreham. As originally she was going to drop me off at the road junction.

Where do you want to go she asked..?

I wasn’t really sure so got out my phone. The xxx hostel.i said.

so I it’s right there she said pointing to.the right.

She dropped me right outside the hostel.

I thanked her and lugged my pack.up the driveway.

I pushed the bell.

Do.upu have a bed I asked?

Sorry we are full. I thought…….As I you have tenting?

Yes I have tenting .

Okay then that would be good, Do you have a bed for tomorrow ?

Yes I do .

Great so.i booked in and paid.

I quickly put Tent and relaxed.I then walked to the Post office and picked new top and knife .On the way back I got some snacks for tea and beer.

so once back I sorted through my stuff.the. sat in the barn and relaxed.

Start. 1864

Finish. 18


miles left 3


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