Day 133 Washington The whites Day 4

monday 20th August

There was no rush to get up as I was hoping to scrounge so good from the hut

I packed up and headed slowly to the Hut ,but they didn’t seem at all hiker friendly . eventually I got a cold coffee for a buck so I don’t know I bothered.
Okay back to the trail as ways it’s a climb first. it’s going to be a day of climbs but the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day.
my first climb of the day was Pierce

as I neared The top omg what amazing views I stopped for a few minutes. From here you can see MT Eisenhower, Monroe, Washington and Jefferson.

I continued on as this area is touristy  and so popular so there were people every where.
I dropped down before climbing up to Eisenhower. From here Washington was still clear so fingers crossed

My next climb was Monroe and it’s here I caught up with Samaritan and the crew,
As I was videoing my phone flashed up a warming that my card was full . Oh no not now
The whites had been better than expected and so I was taking more video Dam dam

After the next climb I took a break and went through my phone looking for things to delete.
There’s a bit of space but not enough. dam I got out my camera instead. I began the descend to the Lakes of the Clouds hut.  This was a nice Hut  and the staff more friendly  so I had a quick look around brought some lemonade,  got my passport stamped.

As I continued on  In front  of me was Washington  just 1.7 Miles , should take an hour and I should be at the top ha ha
The climb was tough, all rock , as I climbed the Clouds began to roll in and. Washington slowly vanished. Maybe it will reappear before I get to the top fingers crossed.

At  last I was at the top and sadly still was the Clouds. I couldn’t see a thing.
I walked to the restaurant , the boys were at at a table so I dropped my pack and joined them.
I then went to the café and ordered a large slice of pizza a bowl of chilli and a lemonade.
While I sat my phone charged.
when I had eaten i went to get my photo taken with the mountain sign. (there was a big queue )

We all were hoping that the cloud would lift but after several hours I couldn’t wait any longer.
As I was leaving the trains began to leave. There are 3 steam trains that ferry visitors up and down the mountain. website below

I watched them leave then walked back to the trail I hadn’t been walking more than 30 minutes when the Clouds lifted and the sun began to shine

Bloody Typical…..

As I walked the train was on its way back so I stood and watched it again before continuing on and down steeply down. before climbing again then skirting around Mt Clay. it was rock and would remain rock all day !!

The weather was really good but the rock was killing my knees. as it’s ROCK
I pushed on there was an option to climb My Jefferson but I was getting tired and I knew that there was still a long way to go. at last i was heading down I thought that I must be almost there . But no fam I still had at least 5 more miles and it was back up to My Adams

I was knackered my feet hurt my knees hurt. I urged myself on the rock became huge so I was leaping from rock to rock my knees loved this .At last I was up on the ridge and the sky was looking dark but in the distance there was still sun.
If I had water  I would throw my tent up and hope for the best.
I kept walking following the cairns until at  last I could see the Hut. but I still had a mile to go once I reached it .

At last,  I dropped my pack and walked inside, sat at a table with a bowl of soup was Bilbo.
I grabbed my orange ticket and swapped it for a free bowl of soup and pastry, that I soon devoured
okay I now have to find the campsite . it was 8pm the latest that I had walked and it was getting dark .I set off down the trail it was rocky and steep and by the time I was there it was pitch  black and I hadn’t put on my light yet. But once at the campsite I couldn’t see a thing so used my phone . Bilbo recognised me and guided me towards a tent spot. I put up my tent in the dark. made hot chocolate then crawled into my bed and I was away

Start. 1852
Finish. 1864
Miles. 12
miles left 327


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