Day 132 The Whites Day3

Sunday 9th August

sunshine there is sunshine. it was a late get up and a groggy walk to the loo and then onto the food tent.
I retrieved my food bag and then put water on to boil.
Ah tea that’s wakes me up,  I  followed that with instant oats then i was ready
The boys were about, but as they don’t carry a stove I’m not sure what they do ?
I finished breakfast and headed back to the shelter and to pack up.
I walked out around 8 but I wasn’t in any hurry today. As I passed the lake it looked stunning in the morning sunlight. I stared and stared hoping that a moose may come for a drink.

The trail looked beautiful this morning with the sun’s rays penetrating through the trees stark difference to yesterday’s fog and cloud. I pushed on and the trail seemed to come alive with people. Day hikers dog walkers and families with children  who all looked happy as we said have a great hike to each other.
It was 4 miles to the gap where I was hoping to hitch to the store  do a quick resupply  then get back to the trail
I came to a signpost telling me I was almost there and another pointing to a water fall. A couple said it’s worth a look and showed me photos their phone. Okay I said and reluctantly went to see it  .4 off trail so that is almost a mile in total .

The water fall was actually quite spectacular so a few snaps then I returned to the trail.
I could soon see cars so I knew I was almost there. I crossed over a railway line and then I was in the car park.
At the far end it looked as if a family was having breakfast but no it trail magic and on a big scale. A couple and two of their friends, Montreal had driven down from Quebec to do trail magic.

He completed the trail last year and this is his “pay it forward” his friend wants to attempt the Appalachian trail next year.

I was asked to sit was given a banana then, followed by a huge pancake with maple syrup, Then water- melon appeared, followed by toast then more pancakes. I was still stuffing myself when Samaritan and his crew arrived.
The Canadians were on fire,  It was a production line with pancakes and toast constantly appearing .
Then there were doughnuts,  drinks, iced tea fruit veg. it was amazing and more hikers began to  join us. There was another lady who had come to do trail magic too but she had been totally upstaged by this a magic magical team so she joined them. The pancakes kept coming until I could eat no more.
They then made me a sandwich to go , ham sandwiches for us all with biscuits and crisps . Bloody hell they were amazing. Thank you so much xx
The other lady was very knowledgeable and suggested that we hitch to the garage about 14 miles away, As  it’s cheaper and less touristy then hitch back to the AMC Centre then back to the trail.
We thanked our hosts then set off towards the road. There were 4 of us the crew and me

That’s normally a little tricky on a hitch but we were all piled into one car after only standing by the road for less than 5 minutes. The lady said I never stop for hitchhikers but  she had been watching this  ladies blog about hiking as she wanted to hike the At next year .
We thanked her and asked to be dropped off At the garage. As we arrived she asked how long we would be ? 10 minutes we all said in unison Well I will wait for you then. Wow.

We quickly whizzed aground the shop throwing things into our baskets . I was first out and went to get into the car . As I tried to open the boot a voice said I’m over here. She had moved her car , and the car I was trying to open had the words “Sheriff” written on the side
As I walked over to the right car Samaritan came out and did exactly the same .
When we were all done we asked if we could be dropped at the AMC Centre a huge hotel conference and base for hiking and other outdoor pursuits.
We thanked her and wished her a great Day as we a piled out. I made my way to the Centre. the boys went to find a spot to put up there tents  to dry.
I entered the hotel and made my way to the courtyard found a table and plugged my phone to charge.

I brought a lemonade then ate my sandwich and banana .
As I had cell service I did some chores. bugger I’m still having issues with my card. I’ve managed to lock myself out of the app now Arrhhh. Maybe I’ll wait till I get to town and try again.

The boys at last came over to the hotel . Snail is there a restaurant? ,
Yes come this way. my packs over there.
They dropped their packs then disappeared inside.
Sasquatch then came out and said Snail did you see the deal?
No I hadn’t. But with our orange cards we can get a bowl of soup bread and a beer for $6.
I was soon in the queue. the soup was surprisingly good and tasty and so was the beer.
I also loved their bread

I sat in the sun trying sort out  where to get stuff bounced too..
Okay all done……I foolishly looked on the gift shop and emerged 10 minutes later with another bag ….More to carry!!. (being a tourist)
Right guys see you out there  as i strolled back tothe road and stuck out my thumb within 10 minutes I was in a car heading back to the trail.
The couple live on North Conway. ( where my package is) and cycle, rock climb and hike this area and just love living here.
They dropped me off  at the trail head and I was ready to go. My pack groaned under the weight and so did my back. I crossed the road back to the trail  and began to climb it was 2.40pm.

I was heading  up to Webster and it was high and i  was carrying heavy, I was  hot and the trail steep. I was about 3/4 up when the Samaritan train caught me up. But then they must have stopped for a break as I continued alone. It seemed to take forever but at last  i peaked and wow the views left me speechless. omg they were spectacular then it was on to Jackson . Once again there  was a lot of climbing, every now and then I arrived onto a large  plateau  and could see Samaritan and co far below on the opposite side of the mountain .
Okay I’m tired and I needed my tent .

In the distance towered Washington that will be tomorrow’s crown but nestled in the trees was today’s final goal the Hut it looked miles away and I really didn’t want to walk anymore.
I set off with Samaritan and his crew behind me. It was the normal up and down, followed  by a few bog crossings .
I came to a large granite slab , as i inched my way down, my foot but it slipped  and the next minutes i slid down the slab and fuck  the full force  of my body was on my poles  and one  bent.  Fuck  it had saved me from a nasty fall  but  now  it was bent and a pain to use oh well
I was bloody annoyed as now it just doesn’t feel right any more.

I  pushed on, letting the crew by as they are much faster. see you later guys.

it was at least another 30 minutes for me until the Hut arrived. It looked very grand. I followed the trail to the campsite. I met the care taker who showed me to a tent pad ,it  had several  logs on it which she  had been whittling I was quite impressed.

I soon had my tent up and started cooking tea as it was getting dark. The other guys came by .
Hey snail we are going to the hut to eat. dinner coming?
Mine was on the go and I didn’t think that  they would like me bringing my food in two the hut and so I declined.
I finished eating tidied up and got into my bag as  it is starting to get colder .I was soon  zzz

Start. 1842
Finish. 1852
Miles. 10
miles left 339


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