Day 131 The whites Day 2

Day 18th August

I woke to the sound of rain heavy rain I sat and watched it dozing for 20 minutes until my second alarm went off
Reluctantly I let the air out of my bed and got up ,visited the loo and retrieved my food bag from the bear box.
The others began to stir. I made tea as i packed up chatting to the other hikers.
The rain eased so I decided to head out. I walked about 50 yards down the trail before I realised that I hadn’t got my poles Arrrh. So  i headed back
“Pass me my poles please” I said to Zoe.
She laughed and handed them over.

Okay bye again I said and walked out again . I passed another hiker getting water and carried on down the trail, The trail was really sketchy and in the rain it was completely nuts . Huge drops that you really had to reach for. Some I spent 5 minutes looking for a way down, they were the fun ones.
Eventually I was down and on to the next challenge I pushed on struggling over each different obstacle . At last I came to the first Major Hut and was hoping for some free food.

I dropped my pack outside and went in I misheard the lady and stuffed my face with cake and coffee but I was only supposed to eat the pancakes. Opps no one said oops
I brought a beanie from the store as I needed some extra warmth and  a few snacks as I was low .

After the hut it was my first climb seemed to go on forever and it was steep at last I reached the summit . which today was locked in by cloud . I stood admiring the non view. before heading down
My next two climbs were exactly the same. I was slightly disappointed but then yesterday was amazing.

As I was making my way down from Zealand mountain Samaritan, shortmile and Sasquatch came by . I must of passed them yesterday. We gave each other abuse. They were making for the same camp ground as me. but we’re going to call in at the hut .

I caught them at the hut and joined them Inside.
I ordered my free bowl of soup which was really tasty. So good in fact I had another but had to pay for that one.
As I’m munching away three other hikers arrived. who I hadn’t seen in a while. pippin. sparks and Shan. I took some photos. Then headed off to the shelter.

The last two miles were tough and I began to struggle.
I was so happy to arrive  at the shelter puffing and panting. The caretaker helped me settle in. It was his birthday so he gave me a beer. Once I was unpacked i wandered over and joined Samaritan & co by the food area. we swapped abuse until it was bed time


When i hiked the AT  in 2018  you  could  purchase a  card, this gave you discount  on staying in the   Shelters (not Huts)  but also gave you a free coffee ,bowl of soup and  cake at the AMC  huts.
The  huts are open to day hikers to stop in, get warm, buy some soup, snacks, or gear (hats, gloves, water bottles) and patches. In general, without a reservation you can’t just stop by and expect to stay at a hut.. These Huts are aimed at tourists and are quite pricey.. They also do not like  hikers camping around them  but in most cases there is a campsite nearby.
Also  some hikers  work for stay   but its on a first come basis  and i think its fairly hard work

Start. 1828
Finish. 1842
Miles. 14
Miles to go 326


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