Day 131 misty

Day 18th August

I woke to the sound of rain heavy rain I sat and watched it dozing for 20 minutes until my second alarm went off
Reluctantly I let the air out of my bed and got up ,visited the loo and retrieved my food bag from the bear box.
The others began to stir. I made tea as i packed up chatting to the other hikers.
The rain eased so I decided to head out. I walked about 50 yards down the trail before I realised that I hadn’t got my poles Arrrh. So walked back . pass me my poles please I said to Zoe. she laughed and handed them over.

Okay bye again I said and walked out again . I passed another hiker  getting water and carried on down the trail, The trail was really sketchy and in the rain it was completely nuts . Huge drops that you really had to reach for . some I spent 10 minutes looking for a way down . they were the fun ones.
Eventually I was down and on to the next challenge I pushed on struggling over each different obstacle . At last I came to the first hut and was hoping for some free food.

I dropped my pack outside and went in I misheard the lady and stiicrd my face with cake and coffee but I was only supposed to eat the pancakes. shut no one said oops. I brought a beanie from.the store as I needed some extra warmth. and s few snacks as j was low .

After the hut it was my first climb seemed to go on forever and it was steep at last I reached the summit . which today was locked in by cloud . I stood admiring the non view. before heading down
My next two climbs were exactly the same. I was slightly disappointed but then yesterday was amazing.

As I was making my way down from Zealand mountain Samaritan, shortmile and Sasquatch came by . I must of passed them yesterday. We gave each other abuse. They were making for the same camp ground as me. but we’re going to call in at the hut .

I caught them at the hut and joined them Inside.
I ordered my free bowl of soup which was really tasty. So good in fact I had another but had to pay for that one.
As I’m munching away three other hikers arrived. who I hadn’t seen in a while. pippin. sparks and Shan. I took some photos. Then headed off to the shelter.

The last two miles were tough and I began to struggle.
I was so happy to arrive  at the shelter puffing and panting. The caretaker helped me settle in. It was his birthday so he gave me a beer. Once I was unpacked i wandered over and joined Samaritan & co by the food area. we swapped abuse until it was bed time

Start. 1828
Finish. 1842
Miles. 14
Miles to go 326

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