Day 127

Tuesday 14th Aug

I had just finished packing when a lady hiker came past. so I fell in behind her

I could of made the shelter last night as it was only another 1.5 miles. but then that makes everything late.

I followed her up.the climb untill she said she needed a break . See you up.thr yrsol I said and pushed on . the trail was nice switch backs but they soon stopped and the climbing began . it was a hands needed climb. and itvwas not that well blazed. where next? this way . I scrambled up and was looking forward to the view…But sadly there was none just fog and more fog.

I stood staring into the gloom . Okay snail let’s go I pushed on Or Rather I would if I knew where I was going. luckily a sobo appeared out of the mist so I knew which was to head. The next few hours were a combination of bouldering and climbing up and down up and down..

suddenly I began to hear lots of cheering and shouting. . maybe it’s a swimming hole. But when I emerged onto a road it made sense. It appeared to be a large sports ground a d the kids were playing footie or similar. I didn’t really focus on them. I walked a short way down the road in the opposite direction. then began my next climb.

I pushed on as I wanted to get to at least 12.30 before stopping for lunch

As I emerged out onto another road I heard

would you like a cold beer?

Yes please I said looking srtound and seeing an old chap say by his pickup truck.

I dropped my pack and walked over.

Beers are in the cooler he said

I reached over and grabbed a can then sat on his tailgate as I sipped it as I chatted to him.

He was up from.florida visiting friends at a hostel.

she suggested that I stop by.

I hadn’t looked thst far ahead but thought it soundrd a great place.

I thaked him for the beer and set off back up trail.

He said the hostel was approx 9 ish miles .thst would work I said to myself.

As I hiked on my. tummy began to rumble as I hadn’t eaten yet.I remembered that I had snacks in my pocket so began to hear and snack .

at 4pm I decided to take a break so began to look for a suitable place to sit and found a great rock. I dropped my pack took off my socks and shoes to air my feet.

I attacked my snacks . as I sat relaxing a hiker couple came past bit I hadn’t seen them before.

I took 20 minutes before moving off. Okay snail 4 miles to go or 2 hours. I put my headphones in found some music and zoned out . It wasn’t long untill I was standing at the road. zi needed to go right for

.25 of a mile. I hadn’t walked far when a large black people carrier stopped it was the Boston hiker whose name I still don’t know .Do you know him his dad said who was driving .

I chucked my pack in the back and jumped in .It wasn’t far to the hostel

As we drove in sat in front on a picnic bench was Short mile and Sasquatch.

a bloody he’ll guys great to see you

I thanked Boston’s Dad then walked into the hostel

The care taker handed me some linen then walked me around the place. I was in the new Bunk room which I thought was amazing . Almost palatial. it had only just been builtcsi smelt of fresh pine. I grabbed a bunk.up stairs. and unpacked then walked back to the hostel as there was. a village run. or rather. a good and beer run.

We got dropped at the store. I ordered a hiker burger, Strawberry milkshake and fries. Then walked to the shop and brought a few snacks and beer.

Once back st

he hostel I set to work on my burger . it was massive and I didnt really need the chips.

Once my dinner was eaten I did laundry then jumped until the shower. It was so nice to be clean with clean clothes.

I then sat outside with other hikers and relaxed drinking beer and chatting about the trail.

at 9 i went inside where some hikers were watching the Big lewbosky . a great film ..Once over i turned in

Start. 1776

Finish. 1792

Miles. 16

miles to go. 398


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