Day 125

Sunday 12th August

I woke several times in the night due to the rain and was dozing until 5am . as I was wide awake I switched my alarm off but on my head torch and stumbled to the privy.

On the way back i retrieved my food bag and juke boxes as she had hung hers with mine

I rolled her food bag under her tent then went back to my tent and began to pack up. It was just dusk when I was done. I put on my stove for tea and breakfast. when both were done I went and dat by the shelter. the 3 lady ovipants were just getting up .We chatted a while then I stowed my cup and spoon

.said good by and hsppy trails to jukebox who was just stiring and walked out of camp and back to thr trail.

As I headed down the trail it seemed to be getting darker not lighter and there was a sea mist in the air. well it looked like that. But it was very very warm , how weird.

I marched on as it was about 5 miles to the bridge and the border… New Hampshire whoop . First chore was my first climb , but it wasnt too steep. after that it was a fairly nice trail. For some reason I expected to see some moose but as I hadn’t seen a deer in weeks that was probably not going to happen after several hours i emerged onto a road. it took me a few minutes to see the blazes, as they headed down hill. as I began to walk along the road the first house thst I came too had a large coolbox full of coke and a box filled with sweets

.I signed the book, sat on the bench that was left there and drained a coke grabbed a few sweets and continued on my way. the next house had a similar set up and the next and the next house. somewhat a welcome. one of the houses had a sign saying hikers are welcome to use their pool.

Thst would of been nice but now it was raining and raining fairly hard. I kept walking in the rain . it was about a 3 mile road walk to Hanover. .So it was going to be a wet welcome. I crossed over the road and followed the road under several bridges . I could see road signs pointing to Hanover so began to get a little excited. In the distance I cod see the greyish waters of the Connecticut river, I must be close, and then there it was .

I.loved the bridge with its huge concrete globes and in the middle was the border line.

hurrah and whoop whoop I’m in New Hampshire a wet New Hampshire but I’m here only 1 more state to go But I have to cross the whites.

I took a dozen or so photos then carried on in to town the water streaming off of me. Once I was here I looked around a coffee would be nice … well anything hot would be nice. Starbucks that will do

I walked in and dropped my pack god it was freezing inside so rummaged in my pack for something warmer to put on..To my amazement itvwas filled with mainly college girls wearing less than me and obviously not feeling the cold. weird. I ordered a large white coffee and a breakfast muffin . Signed into Wi-Fi and uploaded all the outstanding stuff from my phone. I stayed until 11.30 then itvwas lunch time and wanted curry or st least something different. I walked along the road u till I saw it. I crossed over and laughed to myself as I saw all the packs lined up ourside. I spotted mine in between them and walked in. The place was heaving with hikers and students. I grabbed a plate from a table and got In The queue. there were bowls of different foods, salads , nann river and sauces. I loaded my plate and sat down and then ordered a beer. the food was really good. so I went back for seconds. and may be a third time drank a second beer then I was done. I left full and dat and very pleased. I put on my pack and was just about to walk when I got chsttingvto a large group of SOBOS.we stood chatting for ten minutes..they invited me to join them for more beer. an option I would normally have jumped at but I was full and I wanted a few more miles as j spent the morning on Starbucks and my. lunch in India lol. I reluctantly said good bye and good luck to them and continued down the road. I had to cross over the busy intersection and dat out side. a large shop was the commander and his posse.

I went and said I was chatting Bleep and sir-dancealot came out of the shop do I thought I’d have a quick wander. I emerged with. one more meal, 2 oranges, 2 Apples, a bag of cherries and a pint of wine . I quickly shoved them all into my pack . said my goodbyes again and headed on down the road. It was only 5 more minutes of road walking. then the trail headed back into.the woods and UP!.

I pushed on after about an hour I came to a sign pointing to Velvet Rocks shelter. but it was off trail so I pushed on untill I came to another sign pointing to water. it was .14 miles off trail but i wanted it.

I soon found it and filled up then retraced my steps back to the trail. okay I will walk to 5 pm so that should give me approximately 5 more miles.

I plugged into my headphones and pushed on I crossed several roads. Inn the last pnevthefe was a water cache. so I swapped my water for fresh. Now I can stop anywhere. so I felt pleased. just then it began to drizzle bottoms I said to myself it was 5pm but i felt good so was going to push on but i didn’t want to put my tent up in the rain do began to look for a spot. There that will nicely.

I soon had my tent up and my line hung and as a treat I had done with my dinner .

whoop another state down !!

Start. 1743

Finish. 1756

Miles. 13

miles to go 434

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