Day 124 The hills are alive

Saturday 11th August

I really enjoyed my fire last night. as I walked past the ashes and onto the trail.
After a brief spell in the forest i began to drop down into some meadows but being early they were covered in dew so I was soon wet . after several fields I arrived st the trail head. The notice board had adverts for the local farm , I think lot of hikers headed there last night , but I was more than happy with my location.

I crossed the road then began my first climb of the day that eventually turned out to one in many. Once up my first climb I had great views of the surrounding hills and mountains. I pushed on and began my second climb that once at the top gave me even better views of the countryside
I climbed over a stile ,as I was fairly high I thought that I would try my phone so switched air plane off. immediately it began to buzz and bleep. so I answered a few emails. I was so engrossed that i didn’t see sir-mixalot creep up behind me and make me jump .Bastard !!.

Bleep then came racing past me. I put my phone away and gave chase well in my mind I did. My legs were not so confident. As I kept stopping to shoot video and take photos I was soon caught by the commander and his crew. followed them for a while before pushing past them.

Today’s trail didn’t look to bed on the map but then constant up and downs were killing me .
add them all up and it’s several tall mountains. As I stopped to admire the view the two Norwegian hikers came by. I continued after them catching them sat by a creek as there was trail magic. are I cold boxes filled with lemonade and orangeade. I crossed the creek and grabbed a lemonade just as they both got up to leave. I was just finishing off my drink when the commander and his crew turned up and a few minutes after them , Passenger arrived ( The German with the noisy pad )
I said see you up.the trail guys and continued the short distance up the trail before it crossed over the road.
Once over it was another big climb. Again nice switchbacks at first then vertically up well almost.
I huffed and puffed my way up, as Passenger whizzed past me . I huffed and chugged and puffed and chugged some more until I was at the top.
Sat at the top were the two Norwegians and Passenger.
I was taking more photos when the Commander, wander woman, and Aussie arrived. so we took Several photos then group photos. as we are all taking photos of each other when sir-mixalot and bleep arrived. Where have you been guys we asked.

We went to the farm house for drinks and ice cream
Yup, there was a sign on the tree before we all climbed. After more photos we all set off together as a big group but it wasn’t long until the original order was re-established.
I pushed on through the forest climbing up and down and up and down. As I began another decent I noticed loads of cables winding their way around the trees. I first thought may be they were to inject pesticide into the trees to combat disease. Dan a friend of commanders actually knew the answer. They are to tap the maple trees and collect the Sap that is made into Maple syrup.

the cables (pipes) are then attached to a pump that sucks the syrup into collecting tanks.
Ping my watch announced that its now 12 pm . okay I’ll stop at the next shelter and get water too.
It wasn’t long till I was sat on the step of the shelter. sadly the water was far, but I needed it. When i returned with water the commander and co were there. We all ate lunch before returning to the trail. Commander and co were only doing another 5 miles as that’s where their RV was parked.

I however wanted to do another 8 ish! well at least to the next shelter . but I had a big climb before it.

I continued the roller coaster trail up then down. I passed a lady hiker Named Juke box. this was my third hiker that I had met with that name .
we leapfrogged each other for most of the afternoon.
As i emerged out of the forest i came face to face with three goats. Their owners were Trying to put a pen. then just past them were two people with weed whackers cutting the trail. I stopped and chatted for a few moments. before pushing on .
I emerged out onto another road and followed it towards the river. As I crossed the bridge I heard SNAIL. It was sir-mixalot and bleep. They were jumping off of the bridge into the river below

Omg no thank you, and continued on .On the other side of the bridge was passenger.

Go to the house SNAIL. there are sodas and fruit.
Cheers unsaid and walked to the house
I dropped my packed, and was invited onto the porch. I quickly downed a lemonade. ate 2 large slices of water melon. 5 peaches. a handful of blueberries , some cake then washed that down with more lemonade

Okay 1 more hill to climb a d then that will do me . about half way I up i stopped for water okay now it doesn’t matter if I make it too the top. But I would like to get there.I pushed on and up . actually it didn’t take as long as I expected before the shelter sign appeared.
I followed the trail and there was the shelter. This would be the last shelter in zvdfmong and it was rely nice stone building 2 stories. The 2 Norwegians were sat I front having dinner. I found a spot for my tent and I was soon set.

I visited the privy next omg what a huge nice loo.
Back at my tent I began to cook supper when the girl hiker that I had been leapfrogging all day arrived.
So who are you I asked ?
I’m Jukebox she replied.
Spooky I said I met your mother she gave me a ride into Manchester. and brought me breakfast.
we chatted for sever hours before it was time to crash

Jukebox & SNAIL

Start. 1725
Finish. 1743
Miles. 18
miles to go 447


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