Day 123

Friday 10th Aug

the sunlight woke me before my alarm so I switched it off and dozed. eventually I pulled the stopper from my bed and emerged into the morning, retrieved my food bag and began to pack up. I was in no great hurry a d stepped back o to the trail by 7.30.Okay mountain I’m ready for you today.

This mountain had lovely switchbacks a small climb and more switch backs . I really like this type of trail although it was still a long way up . back and fourth a climb back and fourth and a climb eventually I got to the top and you guessed it nothing to see. although this time I didn’t go straight down .Instead It stayed on the ridge and in the trees . I pushed on , on this roller coaster trail until I stopped and I just laughed.
I have a weird Soh…. in front of me was a ladder chained to the Rockface go help you get fact what a great idea but I still found it hilarious .

I climbed down and continued on . as I hiked down the trail I met to Sobos we wished each other luck and headed in our different directions. I pushed on I’ll take a break at 12 I promised myself. my watch pinged 11, an hour to go SNAIL then you can chill and relax and eat some of this food that I am carrying.

It was nearing 12pm  as I crossed the road. opposite sat a family cooking and relaxing or so it seemed. I paused to see where the trail went.
“we are doing magic” the lady announced.
“Oh  you looked like a family relaxing”. I said
“Burger” she asked?
“God yes”  i said and dropped my pack.
“Sit there,”  her husband said pointing to an amazing looking rocking chair . “Beer?”
“Yes please”.
He handed me a beer , it was cold and tasted so good.
“Your burgers ready”vshe said.
A huge burger with melting cheese was handed yo me .
“Help yourself to pickles and chips” (crisps).
I squirted on some sauce then went and sat back down in my rocker with my beer.
AS we began chatting as more hikers began to appear from both directions. I drank my beer and scoffed my burger.
“I have another here if you want it snail” she said offering me another large burger
“Yes please i would love one” ( even though I am carrying a ton of food)
“Oh help your self to another beer.”
Again I returned to my chair.,2 other then arrived I had met his before but couldn’t remember where !! Which annoyed me. His name was Sir Dancealot and his lady companion was called Bleep . but I didn’t ask why.
Their daughter  Of  the Trailmagic is a  mountain runner and is sponsored by Solomon’s and Darn Tough and as we are chatting they pull out a huge box full of Darn tough socks. Help your self she said . Wow what a selection . I took two pairs and shoved them in my pack.

I was passed another beer and as I opened it . Ossie, The- Commander, Wander-Wwoman and a new guy came through. So I got up to welcome them and give them all a huge hug
The man then began to cook corn on the cob on the fire or rather in the ashes. I was rather impressed……But. Omg I have been here almost 2 hours I need to go!!.

I thanked every one wished all the Sobos good luck, warned them about the Mud!.
Said ” See you all up the trail” to the Nobos and left the party.
That was so so nice that i would of liked to have stayed longer.
I spent most of the afternoon In the forest. The most exciting thing was seeing a rabbit. oh and another red squirrel. The squirrel was too fast and we all know what’s rabbit looks like . Don’t we ?

Ping went my watch 4pm and I need water. I was near to a shelter , well when I say near it was .4 off trail but I needed water so reluctantly walked down the Blue Blazed trail.
When i go to the shelter there were two guys from Tennessee whom were section hiking north. They only go from shelter to shelter so they were done for day. Introduced myself then asked where’s the water?

Just behind the shelter they said. I took both bottles and headed towards the water. It was a spring and the water was Icey cold. I filled both bottles and returned to the shelter. Decanted one bladder. Flavoured it then shoved it back into my pack.
I returned to fill it up again as  I had wanted to  get in two more hours.
I was just leaving when the German with the annoying mattress arrived. I welcomed him politely then headed back the .4 miles to the Trail.
I was just nearing the junction when Commander and the crew snaked past.
I soon caught and passed them wished them well and pressed on . I spent the last two hours in pine forest. ping went my watch announcing that it was now 6pm and if by magic a flat tent spot appeared with a fire ring.

PERFECT!!! I quickly put Tent. hung my line ready for my food bag . I stowed all my gear and then I was ready to relax and make supper.
I really fancied a fire tonight , and  it wasn’t long  until i was sat by  its warm glow, I was rather pleased with it . I put my chair together and began to cook by the fire .

Bloody hell, I had to move my chair back as it was toooo hot. But in a nice way.
Dinner was teriyaki noodles with tuna. surprisingly tasty ha ha.
I washed that down with two more cups of tea .
Then packed up. Hung my food bag then made my final drink of hot chocolate and retired to my tent

Night all

Start. 1708
Finish. 1725
Miles. 17
Miles to go 465


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