Day 122 Trying to leave Rutland

Thursday 9th

I made my way down to breakfast and enjoyed hot coffee, toast and omelette.
I had a few chores. so there was no hurry to leave. I visited the post office to get a padded envelope to send my mp3 player back . Then I visited UPS to drop the package off. I then took another quick visit to Wal-Mart to look at suitcases to get my kit home as my transporter is still lost in the mail somewhere.
As I arrived back at the hostel it was great to see old Friends so group hug and photo

Okay I need to get out of here, but first I need to order another pair of shoes as the MUD has killed my current pair and in less than two weeks !!. I’m curious to see how the new Darn Tough socks cope.

As I did my chores Crawl Daddy began to take the Mick out of me. saying your never leave and it will soon be lunch time and nobody hikes out after lunch. Tab also joined in with the mockery.

Okay shoes ordered. I slink back to my room shoved the rest of my gear into my pack. stepped out of the loaner clothes and dumped them into the laundry bucket.
I dragged my pack down stairs then refilled my bladder with fresh water. I went back upstairs to have one last sweep of the room then I was good to go. so placed money into the donation box said good bye to the hikers still chilling in the lounge then hoisted up my pack and walked down the last flight of stairs to the road.
The brilliant sunshine blinded me a I stepped out onto the street and it was hot!
I made my way to the bus station and sat on one of the benches for my bus. I had 10 minutes before it left.
shortly before 1.15 the driver appeared opened the doors and motioned for me to get on.
The bus is very good value $2. soon I was heading back to the trail, I watched out of the window as the mountains began to get closer. There were several other people on board, I wasn’t sure where it’s final destination was except it turns round and goes back to Rutland .
My stop soon appeared and the bus slowed and stopped for me to get off . I thanked the driver and dragged my pack off.
Once again the heat hit me. I hoisted up my pack and crossed the road. Okay snail here we go it was now 2.30 a very late start and do I didn’t expect much  mileage ,6 or 7 miles would be good.
After about an hour I came to a trail junction .This us where the Long Trail splits with the AT. I must admit the trail from this point has had a fair bit of maintenance and i have to say all good. I pushed on and soon came to another state park .the trail winds it’s way through so I pass many tents with glorious armours wafting through the air. eventually I arrive at another stunning lake. The trail shirts aground the edge. As j walk I am passed by several families all in swimming. costumes and carrying towels.

I eventually emerging  out onto a road with better views of the lake. I wander up to get a better view . and stare for a few minutes before re-joining the trail. I push on through the forest thinking wow what a lovely evening .I crossed over another road with signs pointing to the falls. but it’s on trail so it looks like I’m heading that way.
The falls when they come into view are pretty impressive. and there is a walkway so I can get a better view I’m Just leaving when several day visitors arrive. as I continue on I am once again on a walkway that takes me through the marshland, one the other side is the trailhead . as I arrive a voice offers me a coke.
Yes please I say as my eyes focus. He open a the cooler and my eyes see a beer. Is the beer spare or is it yours.
“It’s yours” he says.
As I speak to him and his girlfriend I suddenly realise that I knew him . so my quick beer stop turns into a 40 minute natter
But I need to get on as it’s now a 4 mile climb up and it’s almost 6.
I enthusiastically say good bye and begin the climb. but I know it’s not going to happen. so as soon as I see a spot that I can get into I drop my pack.
Tent is soon up. followed by my bear line then tea.

Start. 1702
Finish. 1708
Miles. 6
Miles to go 483


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