Day 118 Manchester

Sunday 5th August

again I lay dozing until I heard the familiar sound of a tent being shaken ( to remove the rain).
I let down my mat and gradually came to life. call of nature first. recover my food bag then dismantle my tent.
My neighbour Was just leaving. but I was in no hurry it was about 5 ish miles to the trail head then a hitch into Manchester . easy peasy lol
My tent was sopping wet well everything was lol. I rolled the wet thing up and when I was almost packed I made tea and eat breakfast.
okay ready. I was on trail by 7.30 that’s not too bad.
Typical as I began the trail it turned onto a gravel road that continued for several miles.
Dam if I had known that I would of pushed on and there were several much better camp spots and yes all dry . I muttered several more words under my breath and stomped off down the trail.
I dropped at a sign that said look up and above was another sign saying prospect view.

Well as I was in no hurry I took the trail and wow what a view . the cloud was above the valley but below the mountains .
I stood staring for several minutes. before heading back to the trail. I continued down the road until it veered right and started climbing again and once more it was mud although today it was warm mud. as I had on dry socks (almost) I tried to get my shoes out of it for as long as possible
After several hours I began to drop down and began to hear the sound of traffic .
I shortly. emerged onto the main road. across the road was the trail head. with about a dozen cars in and many more hikers mainly drying their gear. I stood by the road but nothing deemed to be stopping which is unusual for a busy town. Oh well I started to walk and I hadn’t gone far u til I heard the words SNATRAINER.
it was pace and another hiker and Jukeboxes mum was taking them to Town.
Jump in snail.i put my pack in the back and soon we were at the Price Chopper store. Juke-boxes mum was going to wait and take us back . but after she had been into Town to buy me breakfast and coffee.
I whizzed around the shop. brought a turkey sub for lunch (later) then sat outside decanting my food into baggies.

I had just finished. when another hikers said another Brit. His name was Louis and he was from Northampton. spooky and he also hiked with Prancer on the Te Araroa which is hike of New Zealand even spookier.

We chatted for a while until Jukeboxes mum returned. Here’s. your breakfast snail and it’s on me.
I thanked her and then woofed it and downed my coffee god was I that hungry.
She then took us back to the trail head. I took a photo . then began to sort my food Into my pack. Bugger I didn’t trash. I nicely asked a Sobo to take it as she was going into town.
Great I hoisted my pack .it groaned . I put it down to being wet. then I marched back into.the forest . it was fairly busy.tourists. dog walkers, At hikers going both ways and long trail hikers going both ways . it was a fairly steep climb but once at the top I noticed the cable-car or ski lift. and wow amazing views and a clear day With sun.

As I walked towards the cable car,   I could see some familiar faces , lying on the sun were Sasquatch and Samaritan. Hiya guys we did our normal greeting and talked some crap before they left. I had a few more minutes then set off after them
The first part of the trail was badly overgrown . I guess the tourists don’t come this way
I pushed on passing several more Sobo’s before eventually catching  Sasquatch and Samaritan who had stopped to get water
As they had their filter set up, they filtered me a litre.
Thanks guys see you up the trail.
Where are you heading snail ?
I would like to do another 8 miles. stop around 5 ish so I can dry my tent.
Good call they both said
But I knew with their speed they would do at least 10  to 14 more miles.
I pushed on still going down then  turned  and abruptly  started back up.  This is mad I said to myself
I pushed on still trying to keep my feet out of the mud and water. My watch pinged 1 pm but these was nowhere to stop. I manoeuvred over more planks around huge rocks over tricky tree roots that want to trip you up

Eventually I came to the  trail head and a huge rock perfect for me to sit on There was  a water cache here, but I was good. I excitedly unwrapped my turkey sub and took my first bite  was delicious  and was soon devoured ,followed by two large plums and an apple that I had Manchester.
I was finishing off  when a girl hiker called soul-less arrived , she was also carrying a banjo .Queue the music !!@

Why soul-less I asked ?
She then removed her ,shoe sole from. Her pack.
I laughed.
Where  are  you heading, I asked?
I’m trying to get to the pond (Lake,)
Oh cool, so am I ,unless I go straight on.

I resumed my walk the plank , dodge the mud ,slosh through the stream game. this continued  for several more hours . It was followed by climbing  two more huge mountains one had a view the other Nada.
Eventually I reached the next shelter. I stopped took a photo wrote in the book and pushed on only about a mile to go and that will do me.
At last the lake came into view , it looked lovely. I crossed over 3 more bridges over 3 different creeks then I was here.

I wandered through the campsite looking  for a tent pad., I found on and grabbed it put my tent halfway up so it could dry. then walked back to the lake passing Soul-less
I was a bit premature in choosing this pad as there were much nicer ones further on. but hey I’m here

I filled up with water then walked back . I soon had a cup of  tea in my hand and was relaxing when the caretaker arrived who was called Bella.
I paid my $5 ,then began to cook tea. As it was cooking, I pegged out my tent and fastened it to the pad using sticks . Clever Snail.
I woofed my tea, cheesy pasta with broccoli and tuna. followed by an orange yum .

That’s me done zzz

Start. 1646
Finish. 1662
Miles. 16 miles
Miles to go 528


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