Day 114 welcome to Vermont

Wednesday 1st August

I got up on my 4 snooze of the Alarm.

Visited the loo and retrieved my food bag from.the bear box.

Then I packed up and when almost complete made tea and ate some oats.

I decided that the tea thstvi brought is horrid so I change it as soon as possible.As I was finishing packing I bumped into Freightrain. hey I thought you were miles in front. I then went and said hi to Pace.

He reminded me that freightrain was meet g with his wife so they zeroed in town and so that’s why they were here!!.

Okay guys see you up the trail. and walked out of camp. I expected them to come racing past me at some point.

I headed back into the forest and began my first climb emerging out on a high clearing giving great views.

I.paused for a few minutes before continuing on and down .In fact I spent the next hour going down and down and down some more. Then to my surprise 2 joggers came racing by then 2 more then 4 . a total of 12 racing up the hill.I was impressed.

Then I met a few more sobos one advised me of a great place to stay but it was in 10 miles time . far too early I thought . But I will take a look.

Eventually I dropped down into west Adams again the trail goes through the town. I could of detoured and grabbed a coffee but I wanted to push on as the border was getting nearer. sat the end of town the trail crosses over a river them the railway track then the next big climb begins.

so pushed on and up following the creek. Big signs said no camping as this is the towns water. Up and up I went I passed a camp site with a spring. But I was good for water so continued on . The climb finished with a rocky outcrop and by now it was foggy so nothing to see.

I began to head down and then through thick forest that eventually became lighter .


Welcome to Vermont.

Whoop Whoop another state down 2 more to go.This is slsobthe start of the long trail which is 273. miles to Canada.

I took a few photos then pushed on before running into another hiker called Ambassador from London. we chatted for a while but I wanted those miles .

It want long till I came to the 1600 mile marker wow fantastic.

I’m getting there slowly. As I continued on the trail became boggy and then very biggy and then it began. to rain . Then pour then absolutely chuck it down. I wanted to stop for lunch but there was now no point.. though I could stop at the next shelter. Dam the shelter was another .2 oh well and took the side trail. When I got there , there were 3 other hikers all ready there.

I dropped my pack.inside and made tea and ate snacks . whilst there 5 others turned up .The ambassador went to put her tent up . 5 others were doing the long Trail 3 going South and to finish 2 going North having just started. I sat getting the fidgits before deciding to head to the next shelter 8 miles away . Hoping thst the rain would ease.

Ha bloody ha ha. as soon as I was back on trail it got heavier and heavier. I stopped trying to avoid the mud as it was now one large river and as the rain lashed down the level rose and rose . some parts the water was almost to my knees.

I pushed on through this mud and water hour after hour.

the really sketchy part was brooding the beaver dam over flow which was an absolute torrent. I quickly made it over phew and waded on . I must admit it was energy sapping. and I began to tire. Surely itvcant beach further. i stopped and got water from.the cleanest stream I could find and that was slighty orange. now I can stop when i want. I came to another beaver dam and noticed several tents. Wise move I said to myself.

This beaver over flow had large walkways over it which was a relief. Once across it was more climbing then more sloshing through water.

Getting bored of this now !!

so began to drop down then I Could hear the roar of water and soon came to a very fast flowing creek .Omg I don’t have to cross that do I ? hopefully there is a bridge.

The trail followed it for about a mile before climb ing away although you could still hear the roar below. Then I began to smell smoke. campfire smoke and yes yes there is the shelter. As i walked in sat inside were freightrain and Pace.

Hey how did you guys beet me ?

Did you stop at the shelter ?

Why yes i did

Well we didn’t.

we chatted for a while then in went and found a spot for my tent and soon was eating my supper

Start 1590

Finish 1607

Miles 17

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