Day 115 Leaving Bennigton To Kid Gore Shelter

Friday 3rd August 2018

I got up and packed up most of my gear. then went to reception for breakfast it was basic but good.

I started with cereal then had toasted bagels 2 with cream cheese and two with grape jelly washed down with several cups of coffee and orange juice. I then took two apples for the trail
I finished my packing then booked a shuttle back to the trail head for $10. I did think about hitching .but I wanted to get back quickly and start walking .

I was soon at the trail head and walking. I crossed a bridge over the river then began to climb

.I knew that I would be climbing for all or most of the day. Now the sun was shining but I was expecting rain and possibly a lot of it. I hadn’t been climbing long when the rain came big bucketsful of the stuff and I was soon soaked and struggling to climb on the slippy mud . I was soon sloshing through rivers of water again
This was repeated all day I wanted a break but there was no point stopping and sitting in the rain. Come out sun .several times the sky brightened, and the rain slowed but every time I thought about stopping the rain came back in anger.

1pm came and went closely followed by 2 pm then the shelter appeared, and I was so pleased to See it.
There was a girl here called Eva who was doing a shake down hike to get ready for her  Pacific Crest Hike next year .
I dropped my pack then put on my rain jacket to keep warm.
I then devoured my cold pizza a tube of Pringles and a few other snacks . I chatted to Eva for a while then I headed out again in the pouring rain. FUN.

In about 10 minutes I had reached the fire tower .it would be a lovely spot on a fine day. But today was miserable.
I slogged on down the trail by now I had stopped avoiding the puddles and just drove straight through them . occasionally I came to a lovely lake. But mostly I battled through mud water and rain. I was hoping that the sun may come out to allow me to put my tent up at the end of the day. But that was not going to happen!

Eventually the next shelter came into view.
“Any room” I asked
“Yes, one up top”
I dropped my pack and changed out of my wet things. There were 3 blokes and 1 girl, and they turned out to be so much fun!
I set bed and began to cook tea just as Eva arrived .
I jokingly said you can sleep with me but no funny business.
lol in my dreams as she was gorgeous
One of the guys download a film  onto his phones. We watched that as we ate and relaxed

Can I sleep up there with you ? Eva asked.
Oh, course ,as long as you don’t snore “ I said

Start. 1611
Finish. 1626
Miles. 14

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