Day 114 Bennigton

Thursday 2nd August

another lazy get away but at least it was dry and the sun was shinning.

I hoisted up my pack and walked back across the creek said good bye to my fellow hikers and then started back ing the trail..I was surprised just how many tents were set up.behind the shelter. one tent had a tarp over the top . that’s a good idea.

I pushed on up.the trail no real agenda for the day just see where I end up. I hadn’t gone far when the rain returned with vengeance and once again I began to slosh through rivers of water and was soon soaked again I new i had several small climbs to do then a huge down or rather a very steep down . After several hours I reached the down and yes it was steep and was made up of rock steps . which again were steep. I gingerly made my way down not trusting the grip on the stone until my other foot was firm . So again it took a when almost 30 minutes until I could hear and see the road.
Just before the road there was a cooler but sadly it was empty.
I crossed the road then pondered. No I will hitch into town
so dropped jumped I and held out my trusty thumb and waited and waited. A fellow hiker arrived then said He was being picked up so if I was unlucky I could come with him but his ride was at 11.
I stood patiently by the road but Nada, nothing. I stood for almost 40 minutes .
Then a white pickup did a U-turn . I have room for 2 but one will have to go in the back. The other hiker decided that  he had waited too long so opted for the.
I wanted the library my friend wanted the motel.
as we got into town I spotted the motel that he wanted so asked the driver to stop.
I got out too and thanked him for our ride.
I may see you later I said to my new acquaintance.
Other headed into town to find the library. a typically it was at the other end of town.

I enjoyed walking and looking at all the shops and houses..eventually I arrived. there was a lady gardening outside and as i approached she said.
It’s not open till 1 pm!
Bollocks I said to myself as it was only 11.30.
If it’s Wi-Fi you want you should get it outside.
so thanked her, then found a place to sit. Great yes i have Wi-Fi. I began to organise my stuff  as I sat in the sun .
Several people arrived and I felt important saying it’s open until 1 pm some were angry others walked calmly away.
Eventually the doors were unlocked and I walked in and asked if I could bring my pack inside.
I put it down inside the foyer and then went to use a PC. the lovely assistant took me to one of their newer machines . she must of read my mind.
I uploaded videos then began to move movie files from my phone onto a memory stick.
It was slow as I  had many files.
whilst the pc copied my files I booked my seat on the plane home. sorted out several emails and organised Some re-supply.
At last I was done .and I had been in the library for 3 hours.
Must be lunch time..I went in search of the brewery which I had googled whilst in the library.
I walked in and dropped my pack. as I  was being shown to my table i walked past by Poppins and Peanut. Bloody he’ll guys you following me.
They were sat at  the table opposite I could chat and we caught up.on gossip. they were staying at the motel just down the road
I gave the hotel a call but they were full..Poppins said you can have the other bed that was really kind of her.
I said if I can’t get somewhere then I’ll take that offer.
I  fish and chips which was bloody good. washed down several several ales and finished with a carrot cake again it was really tasty.
I took a 4 pack out with me to drink later as the Autumn motel had room for me.
As I wandered back through town I grabbed a few snacks for later.

I payed for my room then went to find it. It was big and spacious , basic but fine but they had removed one of the double beds so it looked odd.

I exploded my pack before opening a beer. but then I felt hungry so walked a little way back to Town and brought a pizza . it was a special so I brought it. but when I got back to the motel I didn’t realise just how big it was. .
Once back i quickly jumped into the shower then got stuck in to my pizza and beer. whilst watching a film or two on tv.
I was soon stuffed and there was still loads of pizza left. lunch tomorrow .
I finished my beer and then bed

Start. 1607
Finish. 1611
Miles. 4 miles !


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