Day 109 Zero in Upper Barrington

Friday 27th

Eve. though I didn’t have to get up I woke at my normal trail time of 5.30. so got up had a wee then went back to bed.

eventually getting up at 9 am . more more civilised. I got dressed then went for breakfast. there were several other hikers eating. I grabbed a coffee and some oranges juice and found a table. then I grabed a bagel and put it in the bagel cutter. before dropping the two halfs a into the toaster. I then poured out a cup of waffle mix before pouring it into the waffle maker. My bagels popped up from.the toaster so I grabbed some buudt and cream cheese and returned to my table

I had just finished eating my bagel when tgrtecwas a beep beep telling me that my waffle was cooked. I removed it from its mould poured the on the obligitary maple syrup and again returned to my table. after several more orange juices and coffee I was done.

I was just about to leave when Poppins and Peanut arrived we chatted for a while. they too were taking a zero . They told me about the bus that goes into town and where to catch it. So I thanked them before returning to my room to grab the few bits and my poles that I wanted to mail. I walked to the Grocery shop , Where I would catch the bus, my timing was good or lucky as it arrrived as I did. $1.75 to Town . right change only so it cost me 2 bucks .

He dropped me st the post office which was perfect.

I had sent all my spare stuff and stuff that I didn’t want to carry here also my new shoes. bladder and poles from.Rei and a few bits from Amazon so I had a total of 8 packages.

I thanked the clerk and began to sort through my gear. I sealed my new it’s for old, added some other bits to that box. and posted that up the trail. I bounced 1 package. decanted stuff that I needed into a bag then condensed the other boxes into 1 box that again I mailed up the trail.

I was feeling rather eased with myself so wandered around town before deciding that I should get back.

The bus was prompt and dropped me back at the Grocery store. I thought I’d just get a few things. and something for lunch , a salad I thought.

I got to the check out and bagged up my shopping. But shock horror my card was declined. Dam I had meant transfer more money onto it .

the bill was $80 .I checked my wallet I had $70 in cash . Dam I’m going to have to leave it and come back. Then a voice behi d me said how much are you short?

$10 I said.

I will get that he said and gave the cashier the money.

Thank you so much I said dying of embarrassment.

I hastily grabbed my shopping and quickly walked back to my motel room.

Dropped my shopping and other bag on the floor then quickly logged onto my account and transferred some more money card

I will need to be more carefull. as I am spending too much.!!

once the finances were straight I concentrated on uploading my videos and blogs as I’m a bit behind. Then whilst they were uploading I got out my soggy tent and let that dry in the sun.

Now it was lunch time I made a salad with what I had brought earlier washed down with a couple of cans of beer.

It was a beautiful day and I would of normaly camped by the pool with my beer..But the Wi-Fi and power was in my room so that’s where I stayed.

At 6pm I decided to go to the brewery for dinner and try their ribs . But the weather decided a storm was due and so the rain came in buckets so I watched out of the window and continued editing until the rain began to ease.

I entered the brewery and found that it was rammed but there was an empty stool at the Bar. when I sat I noticed mirror was sat beside me. so we chatted and she recommended the aubergine. But I had wanted Ribs.

I think i should of gone with mirrors suggestion when Ribs came they were not that hot so I sent them back . They took ages to reappear and to be honest they were not that good

In fact a bit of a let down . oh well ..the beer was good.

Mirror said her good byes as she is now going southbound , so our paths may cross again who knows the trail can be mysterious

A man sat next to me and had a big bowl of clam liquini that looked oh so much better than what I had just eaten

We began a chatting mainly about baseball that I knew nothing but it passed the time and allowed me to enjoy a few more ales. But I didn’t stay out too long.

Once begin room.i began to pack up my pack and then did a bit of surfing. before waching a few films on the tv.

Start 1521.7

Finish 1521.7

miles ZERO


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