Day 111 The Cobbles Via Mt Greylock to Wilbur’s Clearing Campsite Mile 1590

July 31st

I slept well on my mountain top spot. although struggled to get up.
I lazily packed up and headed down off the mountain.
on my decent I met 2 ladies walking their dog so chatted for a few minutes.

Eventually I emerged into civilisation and began to walk along the road admiring the houses . I passed the post office and thought this would of been a good town to send stuff to.

I then came to a church and noticed tents on the grass. I paused for a few minutes. A lady then asked me if I needed anything.The bathroom I replied. Around the back through the double doors she said.

I thanked her and followed her directions as I did I noticed the other hiker from the day before and the girl hiker too.

I dropped my pack outside and entered the chapel and found the loos. .The hall was filled with tables of bticabrac for a sale later that day. On big blackboards in the hall were messages welcoming hikers and the rules.

So I went back to my pack and got my water bottles to fill ip then i sat in a smsll room thats for hikers use and plugged in my phone to charge.

I stayed there for about 40 minutes before leaving.

the hikers were raving about Dunkin Doughnuts so I thought that I would visit as I left town.

I know America is very patriotic but I do like that the roads are lined with the American flag and virtually every home has one flying .

I crossed the road and entered the shell garage which has Dunkin Doughnuts inside. I ordered coffee and egg and bacon on a sesame seed bagel, hash browns and a blueberry muffin to go.

It was ready in an instant

so I sat inside and ate my breakfast. which was bloody good. I packed my muffin for later. The next stop was the dollar General . I left my pack inside and went in with my shopping list. they had virtually every thing that I needed. and well done snail $33 .Very well done. Once outside I decanter the boxes into ziplocks . But the boxes in the trash and I was ready.

I knew it was going to be a mighty climb later and as I hoisted up my pack my back groaned under the weight. !!.

I walked down the road for about a mile then crossed over and was back on trail. it was a few small up and downs. to begin with then the first climb . and it was steep as I puffed my way up.i met several sobos coming down. I meeting so many more now .

the climb evened out as I walked through a light and airy forest I was in this forest for about an hour . THEN the real climb started. In all it took me about 3 hours to get to the top of mount Greylock 3491 feet.

At the to is a beacon or memorial that stands tall and proud it looks similar to a lighthouse as there is a light at the top. I really like this can climb it but I chose not to.

instead I headed to the lodge and the cafe offers a large burger and a beer. I wanted three as the first I chug as I’m.thirsty then enjoy the second and third.Bur I was only allowed to buy one at a time. oh well I sat outside Inn the sun and enjoyed my first beer then went and brought 2 more as she had gone !!.

My burger was tasty and soon disappeared. as I sat many people came to ask me about my hike so I felt like a star.

I noticed I had cell service so I tried to soft out a replacement tent. Yrs sorted great but I can’t have it for a week.

Let’s pray for sun haha.

All chores done. I fancied an ice cream and another ale .But I decided to leave instead. I walked around the edge of the monument and omg what amazing views so I walked to get a better position. Wow truly amazing. I stood in awe for about 15 minutes before moving on and heading down .

It’s been a lazy but fun day so I don’t expect huge mileage. although I was feeling tired.

The down was steep of course nut then it began to climb again because I hadn’t climbed enough mountains and mount Williams was next.

Great ….. so may done let’s now get down . At last. But it wasnt straight forward. more planks more bogs more rock . I crossed another road and more signs telling me that I was now in a new park.

But still the same bogs and planks until at last hurrah the sign for the shelter but .4 off trail . But it’s the end of the day so I don’t mind.

I began to see tents good.not far. them I was here.The shelter was towards the bottom. there were 2 Bear boxes and several raised wooden tent pads. I found a flat spot and soon I was sat on my chair eating dinner


Start 1577.4
Finish 1590.5
Miles 14


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