Day 106 Heading to Great Barrington and amazing Ribs

July 27th

another great sleep so up at 5.30 and was on 6.30.
I pushed on stopping at the first shelter for a call of nature . It took me a while to find my way out as it was a maze embarrassed.
Most of the morning was climbing more rock and more rock and then the rain came. Which then brings water . I began to climb and climb and climb I was climbing through rivers of water whilst trying to keep my feet dry ha ha. eventually I reached a plateau. and the view was FOG !!

But I wasn’t finished I was still heading up and up. eventually I was at the top and was amazed to see a monument and a inscription .

But then it was down but OMG IT WAS bloody scary I was climbing down a sheer face with water flowing. I have to say it was bloody sketchy. and I didn’t like it especially when I slipped several times .

At last I was down and then began to follow the creek down the mountain..It was here that I bumped into a dozen girl scouts heading south .I wished them well and to be aware of the climb.
I continued on following the creek as it began to cut its path down through the ravine . sometimes it made amazing falls .

The trail.then crossed the creek and on the other side was the welcome to Massachusetts
Whoop.whoop another state down!!

i walked through the forest for almost an hour before the inevitable climb and again it was sleek and slippy after about an hour I emerged out on to a cliff top it would of been amazing if not for the fog !!!!!.
After walking the cliff face for almost an hour I decided to stop.for a break and made tea.

I then pushed on and started more climbs again it was very slippy as I sloshed through water then the steep climbs began but unlike Connecticut the trail.guys had fixed wooden steps. to help you climb

THANK YOU so much trail.people I was soon At the top of Everett mountain  there was once a fire tower here but it had been dismantled.

so now the down . and yes it was steep and so took me ages to get down
As I walked down the road towards the park there was trail magic..I downed 2 cokes several biscuits and snickers. bars and packed out another coke for later

As I headed down through the park. I was amazed on how much Water was flowing around as I tried to cross each stream , creek with out getting my feet week .

At 3 pm i stopped for a break and enjoyed my coke. Checked my map

It was 4.4 miles to go , 2 hours to go. I pushed till I hit the road. I was lucky on the hitch the man took me to the grocer then dropped me at my motel.
After settling in I did my laundry then had a great shower. When I was all clean I went to he restaurant next door. It wasn’t cheap but I had the best steak that I had eaten in a while


Start. 1504
Finish 1521.7
Miles. 17.7


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