Day 105

Monday 23rd July

I didn’t sleep that well due to the torrential rain that was pounding my tent. My alarm went off I shut it off by mistake waking again around 6.30 . it was still raining but only lightly. I undid the flap of my tent..Smiles and crawldaddy had gone but I could still see Samaritans tent. I hurriedly packedup. Before the next bought of rain. I hit the trail at 7.30 much later than I had wanted dam.

As I pushed on the rain returned and it was heavy very heavy. Great for climbing over slippery rock.

It wasn’t long before I came upon the first shelter I waved to the occupants and pushed on then met cruise who was getting water. See you up the trail. I knew he would soon pass me as he was very fast.

It wasn’t long until he swept past me and was gone. I plodded along untill I came to a fast moving creek. Wow water it had been such a while since I had seen water flowing..I crossed over and continued along until once again I was walking along board again but due to the rain they were lethal.

so go gingerly walked over them .But again they stretched for miles . a at last I was on so it ground I followed the path until it came to a road I crossed over and continued .

a few yards down the trail was the Connecticut boarder whoopwhoop. I took a few photos and pushed on

soon I saw a sign saying Trakl magic. so followed it down into a parking area. There was a man cooking. he introduced himself as xx xx

then said help yourself to Beer as he cooked me breakfast. .pace was already here. I ate a banana and enjoyed my beer. He then put a bacon egg and cheese roll Into

My lap it tasted Devine and was soon eaten . I then ate a doughnut.

Have Another beer . and take some fruit. I grabbed an apple and a orange. then woofed another doughnut. Before thanking him and heading back to the trail

all morning it was heavy rain a bit of sun heavy rain some sun. I had air of climbing to do and the rain made it fairly dangerous.

second shelter great privy

water pump.

follow river . cross bridge

river falls

small road walk

Canary bird. photo video

Climbing begins. very steep

after my second climb I stopped for a break and snacks while the sun was shining but as soon as I started the rain. returned

I began to think what if I came across an I injured hiker.

then take end of rescue quad bike.

after.oon same as morning

more big climbs shelter stay bear box


Finish 1468.1

Miles 16.6


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