Day 105 Heading to Riga Shelter Mile 1504

Wednesday 25th

it was still pouring when my alarm went off so I hit snooze then snooze again .
I finally emerged at 6.45  and the rain had briefly stopped .I promptly packed up well almost as after I rolled up my tent I couldn’t find it’s stuff sack. I should of just shoved it in a spare dry bag but no.i unrolled my tent thinking it was still inside. as soon as I had my tent all open again  The rain returned and dumped  down bucketfuls so everything got soaked.
Bloody brilliant and still no stuff sack. so I shoved  everything into  my pack then ran to the shelter. dropped that inside then went back for the rest.
Mira was still packing up. as I stomped back in . and then tried to soft my stuff out properly.
Eventually I was done and hit the trail at 8 am , late for me .. The rain was now chucking it down and I have to admit to feeling a bit cold. I needed to go a little faster but because of the terrain I couldn’t. The only good thing about the rain is it normally stops the bugs from appearing …But not today I was constantly fending off  big horse flies . They drove me mad as I hike in a vest and they kept attacking me. Aaaarrh.

It was several hours until the rain paused , but only briefly  before whoosh the rain started again and kept falling. eventually I came to a road walk. I like the trail people in Connecticut as before you leave or come go a trail head .There are clear instructions usually with a diagram showing you where your going. So I did the short road walk and crossed over into a field of maize. I followed the trail around backed by the river on my right.. Then it was another road walk . This one took me through a high school then along a railway and then into a park where I met the river again.. I followed the trail and the river. ahead I could see a slalom course for kayaks, but before I could get closer the trail took me away.

I emerged by a hydro power plant. It looked really interesting but I wanted the miles. I crossed a bridge ,below in the river were  people fishing and in the clear waters below i could see  massive carp and upstream some amazing falls. I continued over the bridge  followed the river although you couldn’t see it for the trees but you could hear the rush of the water. The rushing sound got louder and louder and then.i came to a clearing and could get a great view .

Wow they looked fantastic ..then the trail climbed higher and I was at the top of the falls wow..I stared for a while before dragging myself away and back to the forest. The afternoon was as the morning torrential rain and more rain then again a small pause at I reached a sign post
whoop 1500 miles  689 miles to Katahdin Maine

whoopy whoop.

I pushed on as I was tired .I had been tired all day . and so looking  forward to a zero in town the day after tomorrow.
I climbed several more silly climbs before taking a break.
My shoes have been annoying me all day as being constantly wet the insoles  had become bunched but I hadn’t wanted to stop to sort them. But the main reason to stop  was that I had bad botty chafe. Which needed urgent attention .

Once all fixed I pushed on and was so pleased to see a camp site and the rain had stopped.
I spread my gear out to try and dry it but that only made the rain come back so I hurriedly throw it all into my tent. got into my tent and cooked in my tent
Happy days lol

Start 1484.4.
Finish 1504
Miles. 19.6


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