Day 104 Heading to Pine Swamp Shelter

Tuesday 27th July

I slept crap due to the person making so much noise every time he moved so as soon as my alarm went off I was up and outta there.

I am pleased that I did t go on last night as after the small down it was climb climb climb.

In fact it was climb all morning. untill the down

Omg it was so steep stone steps then gravel then bouldering . it was fairly scary I sliped a few times shuffled on my bum a few times swore a lot. it took me about 30 minutes to get down. then I was on a flat road which then turned Into a footpath. I it was flat for about 4 miles wow!!! SHOCK.

The foot path followed the wide flowing river. It was fait shallow as you could see the bottom so the way across. sometimes the river divided around a small island sometimes a bigger island . On the other side ran the train.

I happily walked along until I decided to take a break. and made tea..It was nice to sit by the river and watch the birds

I packed up and moved on as I wanted to call in at Cornwall. Eventually I came to.the road and turned right it was about a mile.

I soon came to a garage so grabbed a can if peach tea and a tub of ice cream . dont know why I grabbed the tub. But it was soon empty.

Next stop cross the bridge to the postoffice. I mailed some bits UP the trail.

The lady was very helpful. and said go to the liquer store you get a free beer if your a i thanked her and went next door. and yes i got a free beer..I should of brought some more!! so felt guilty.

I then went to the deli ordered a few bits and a beef sandwich..then sat out side to eat it while my battery charged up.

I stayed far too long. But I needed that juice. I eventually packed up and headed back to the trail.

it was typical hot and as i had spent too long in town I hadn’t done the milage. can I get to the next shelter?

6 miles. but as I hiked on I began to get chaffing on my bum and my junk. It’s been so humid or raining that my clothes really need a good wash. I might be getting cock rot lol. after several.more miles I had to stop. I stripped off on the trail washed myself Dow. added some body Glide and changed my shorts.

Ah. better…. I pushed on again arriving at a campsite I thought this may of been the shelter but the German couple said no its 4 more miles.

Dam but I can do that and pushed on .when I was at the last 1.8 miles the trail decided to go rock climbing again… really I said to myself in dismay and started the climb. I was tired so it seemed to take ages to get to the top but once up I still had a while to go.

At last the shelter appeared. the other German hiker was here. ( the noisey one) I said hello. he wondered where I had been.

I found a spot away from.the shelter and quickly put up my tent. I then went and had a wash in the river and rinsed out my clothes.

I quickly made tea then to bed.

But it appears I have mislaid my glasses bummer



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