Day 103

Saturday 21st July

I slept well in the forest but struggled to jump.out of bed.

I slowly packed up made tea then was on my way ..

It was fairly overcast which I like so I was hopeful I could do the miles . I put my music on to motivate me further. I feltbi was going well passing. few hikers .

As I crossed another road there were historical signs. tell you about. small lox and the army and the fort that once stood here

I was amazed at the walls that wee built so big and thick with our machinery

hen as I crossed over a road I spied a huge dumpster in a parking lot. As I walked over lady who was sat in the boot of her car said I think thst the trail is that way.

I laughed and said yrs but the trash can is over there!!.

I dumped my rubish then noticed water do I topped up after guzzling a bottle. as I walked back the lady said would Iiks a cold drink ?

yes please . are you waiting for someone ? I asked.

Yes my boyfriend Sundance.

Oh I know hi…the army chap.

Marine she corrected me.

I.laughhed he corrects me too when I say army.

We chatted for a while. then I moved on . after several.more hours I emerged out by another beautiful lake.

There were signs directing hikers to camp Bear to the beach. I followed the white blazes. for about another miles before the blue blazes began.

I flowed then untill.i reached the beach. Wow it was amaziby

the beach spread out allong the front of the lake. surround by picnic tables .Wow I really liked this..I carried on walking to the main building where hopefully there was food.

I ordered a cheese burger, fries and a drink then sat and waited for my food. While I waited I plugged in my devices .

My burger was good and soon disappeared along with my drink. After I jumped I to the shower it was cold but I ft that I had removed a thick layer of gunk. I tried in the sun then went and got another lemonade and a frozen mango lolly which was very tasty..

Once done I filled up 1 bottle then headed. back to the trail.

the radio was telling me about storms later and seek shelter.

So when I came to the next shelter I decided to stay.

it’s in memory of a At supporter. so the hut is in his name. it’s set in lovely gardens .

I met several.mote hikers and several.of us ordered pizza.

It arrived and waz tasty

.The German.hikervwas confused about the small table inside the box. even after explaining it several.times. it’s tobdtop their sticking to the pizza. Eventually. he got it .

so after wading through that and my lunch I will not cook so I guess it’s good night

Start 1413.5

Finish. 1430

Miles. 16.5


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