day 98

Monday 16th July

I struggled out if bed and revived my food from.the bear box then began to pack up

when I was almost done I made tea. The strange one who camped by my was just emerging wow you pack up fast he said.

well.i have been doing it for 3 months I laughed. Then he began to winge that there were too many kids in the shelter and that they should have made room for him. Well you need to be at the shelter earlier I replied and it’s great to see the kids out hiking. them I walked away as he’s a doom and gloom guy. I finished my tea cljped my cup to my pack and strolled out of camp.

I headed down crossed several roads then began to climb over boulders . I thought that I had finished with this game but oh no

some had pretty big drops others were much easier. I pushed on my watching letting me know that an hour was up.

The sun began to shine through the forest lighting up all the spiders webs so I could see them before I walked into them

some were really rather pretty so I stood for a few seconds admiring them

I should see the next shelter or at least a sign .. instead I met u happy Feet. How far too the shelter I asked ,?

Too far Snail. Okay that’s good enough for me and pushed on . happy Feet was waiting for Bob so I pushed ahead knowing that they would soon race past me .

It wasn’t long until I heard giggling behind me so I stepped aside to let them pass . See you later guys.

I followed them for a while but they were soon out of sight.

so I returned plod..a deer came to stare at me so I said good morning . I was so.busy concentrating or rather my mind was elsewhere when I emerged into sunlight

I was at high tower park . I walked over to the main offices and noticed 2 pack a sat outside so went in. Bob was sat inside in the co airconditioned building. I approached the lady at the counter and asked if they had an At stamp ..Indeed They did and as I was a through hiker I got a free can of Pepsi.

Oh that cold liquid when your hot and thirsty is divine

I just wish the cans were bigger. HAPPYFEET thought I had my water filter so she said good idea I need to backwash mine.

So I did the same . washed my hair and socks then went our side to dry. I then picked up and went back to the trail..I was hiking along then in a clearing I could see a huge oblique in the distance wow that looks amazing. I carried on omg the trail then came across a viewing platform so climbed up. wow what amazing views all around..and a better view of the monument.i was still.sdmiting the view when Happyfeet and Bob Narly arrived. after they were going to the commission to grab a shower.

I followed the trail untill it branched off to the monument trail. Yes I’m going to take a look. the moment was of course perched on top of a hill so it was a steep trail that took me there. At last I was st the top.what a magnificent monument. I put down my pack before walking around it a few times then went in. Can you climb it I asked

yes Sir she replied.

I grabbed my camera and began to climb the stairs . its only when your half way up and still have far to go when you think was this such a good idea. I eventually made the top puffing and panting. the views were amazing, I took some photos and then began the long walk back down.

I walked out into the sun so whilst here I decided to have lunch.

It was now hot , tooo hot as I set off back down the path to the trail. passing huge spotlights that light the monument at night

Once on the trail I began to push on as I had promised myself beer and ribs in town.

But I was melting . the forest parts were fine but now and then I was walking in direct sun

On my map was a mention of a secret Shelter. well that intrigued me so I thought I’d take a look when I got nearer.

I had completely forgotten about the secret shelter until low on water I saw a sign for well water.

I walked along the dirt tea k and stumbled upon the secret shelter

There were 4 rough just as I appro ached 2 marmots or ground hogs quickly ran away. In the largest of the just there was a register and sign saying please don’t cook . There was power so I charged my phone. I filled up my water bottles then went to peek at the other shelter. zit was locked but through the window it has a kitchen dinner and stairs leeding up to another floor.

As I walked around the building I noticed the outdoor shower so walked back to my pack to get soap.

I took off my shoes and so is the. stepped under the shower. To my surprise it was warm. I washed my hair again then lathered up my clothes before standing starksrs in a field as I rinsed them. then wry g them out and put them back on.

wow I felt totally refreshed and I had only about 3 miles to go

it wasn’t long before I arrived at the road that lead to town..

I followed it past a cemetery. and a antique place . before arriving at a cross roads. j checked my map it was right.

I turned right and hidden judtbon the corner was my destination the Wits send tavern. I left my pack inside. It was chily due to the aircon nut I soon got used to it. I Tried a German beer then ordered up the ribs. The owner said if you don’t like them then I’ll pay.

I sat at a table and plugged in my phone to charge. The first beer went down to quick so I had a basic beer.

Then my ribs came and omg they were good . I could of eaten a second plateful.

I had a couple more beers then set off back to the trail. As in was going up the hill I met noproblama. I told him.where I had been and gave it the thumbs up. The death of the group had gone to the pizza shop..Good luck i said

i pushed on back on the trail. it was fairly easy as it was a nice path. I then was walking through fields filled with bales. on my third field I decided that this will do.

.my. tent was soon up and I enjoyed dinner. I had my rain fly half on judt in case so watched the fireflies untill I dozed off

start 1332

Finish 1348

Miles 16


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