Day 98 Heading to Greenwood Lake

Wednesday 18th July

it was a bit of a struggle to get up and no fun putting on wet clothes and wet socks, But it was a bright morning and not too far to get into town it will be easy Right!
I opened my can of sprite that i had carried from the trail magic it’s liquid refreshing me , I woofed down a snickers and I was good to go
I strolled through the forest the birds were all singing a good sign . I was enjoying my morning up a few hills down a few hills across a few roads and into more forests then I came across a wall of rock.
Fuck  do i have to go up that ? ….  bloody hell yes I am . this was hands and feet and strength oh my god .I had to pull my self up  and across  without falling whilst carrying my pack and poles
I did this for about an hour then I was finally up. but on huge rock ledges or slabs . The views were pretty good then I crossed the border whoop whoop I’m now in New York State and wow .

But welcome to New York meant more slabs a d more climbing, bouldering and scrambling. My easy walk in to town had vanished his was strenuous and very challenging. And I was soon exhausted. It was only the amazing views that cheered me on

I pushed on and came to a sign for hot dogs and the creamery( ice cream) but I could get them in town. at the trail head I walked to the road and soon I was outside the library in Greenwood Lake.
I dropped my pack and went inside. May I have use of a computer please
Oh course the lady said.
And can.i bring my pack in?
Yes, you can put it right there.
Then she showed me the computer room and showed me how-to sign in.
There were a row of 8 machines so I grabbed on and logged in then plugged in my phone and the new Usb stick .

I found my video files and tried to drag them across. The computer didn’t like that. so I tried 6 files, it didn’t like that either. Bollocks I said to my self and selected 1 file. The computer was now happy copying 1 file at a time est time 4 minutes and I had 60 to move. So one by one I moved my files. checked email uploaded video to Face book and updated my blog. all was good although the time was spinning. When I had cleared down all my video I tried to copy some music into my mp3 player but it wouldn’t recognise it bugger. oh well I had been here almost 3 hours so needed food
I quickly I found a bar and ordered  some  chicken tenders and aextra salad and fries and a beer May be two. after fed and watered I needed a few things for resupply so popped into the grocers . Dont ask me why ,but I came out with what I needed plus a pint of ice cream . I sat outside the shop packed my food and woofed my ice cream and drank another beer .

Water bugger I need water. I walked back into the store can I fill these please?
Yes there’s a spigot by the wall. Don’t forget to turn it off.
I topped up my water then in was ready. Oh bug spray I walked back in again . do you have big spray. I payed. then I noticed her Scottish accent. so we chatted a while then she offered to take me back to the trail.

I was just drinking my sprite sat on huge rocks when down the road walked sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. You off to town I asked . No we are on the trail Snail !!
I was confused as I was going to head the other way .
Maybe the sun or beer or ice cream had confused me.
I finished my drink lifted up my pack and set off After them , I doubt if I would catch them as they hike fast. But I was shy on miles for staying too long in town .But I needed to clear my phone .
It was  hot  should have left earlier  as the trail became more climbs  and when I needed white blazes..they were missing so I had to ponder almost every climb so as not to take wrong trail that i had done far too many times today.

I pushed on as best as I could running onto many day hikers .
You off to see the water fall ?
If it’s on trail yes but I’m.heading for Maine!!
Wow your through hiking.,
Where did you start?
When did you start?.
Where are you from etc etc. I answered all the questions and pushed on.

Eventually I arrived at the water fall. But it was dry…. What an anticlimax I laughed. Then I noticed that Sunshine and her team had set up camp just to the right. Hey guys I called nice spot.
I pushed on as i wanted those miles. But it was a steep climb next to the waterfall. And up stone block stairs . But once up it flattened out and became a good path for almost a mile then the rocks returned and the blazes disappeared.
Where the fuck am I going. I looked around and at the ground trying to see trail . Some times the blazes are hidden behind trees and so taking a few steps reveals them. Eventually I  was back on course and climbing again . I was just pulling myself up when I saw a lovely face. She was a section hiker from Scotland and her name Highlander “Original” I laughed. Stay safe I said and enjoy your hike.

It was 6 pm I wanted another hour, I climbed more rock and more rock and a bit more rock. Okay where is that campsite ( tentspot)
My map says im here  but nothing , so I walked on . Ten minutes later in a clearing I saw a tent  that will do me. As I was putting up my tent 5 others joined me 2 hammocks and 2 more tents .

Once i was settled   we all sat  and ate together then it was time for zzzz Night

Miles. 14


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