Day 95 Rattlesnake campsite to Mashipacong shelter mile 1331

Sunday 15th July

I was just settling down when I heardcrustling in the bushes . it was a skunk. I was going to get some closer pictures untill.i remembers other say that they can be fairly vicious . so I left him alone .

I was beginning to drift off when I feel and heard a few drops of rain. Bugger. I jumped out of my tent and quickly threw my fly over my tent I had just finished attaching the last corner when there was a huge clap of thunder , and then it began to pour. I climbed back into my tent and tried to doze off again. But the lightning was so bright even with my eyes closed and then the rain became more torrential hammering on the outside if my tent followed every few minutes with the loud claps and rumbling of thunder . Eventually I dozed off waking to the sound of my alarm. I was dismayed to hear that it was still raining and raining hard so I silenced the alarm and rolled over. At 7 it seemed to be slowing so I quickly began to pack up . I retrived my food bag .and checked my line as it looked as if it was beginning to fray when I pulled it u last night. Yes I’ve worn it out. I think i can just use the other end . I coiled it be k up then finished packing. then I made a cuppa.

Okay back to the trail it was 8 am and I pushed on down for a bit then I past 2 tents but these were not happys or Bob’s . with me further I crossed a bridge over a murky stream . But I needed water so this will have to do

I began to climb out and omg it was a nightmare there were long slabs of rock and in the dry they are quite fun but in the rain they were treacherous . They were so slippery I almost crawled over them so my speed was crap. should of done this last night I winged to myself and staggerd on them I had to go down on these too even more scary . I pushed when I could and evdntuly climbed up onto an large open area but it was now misty so couldnt see much at all . When I reached the second open ace the sun was trying to come out and so I was greeted with an amazing view of New Jersey.

I was now heading down and the him of cars began to grow louder and louder the lower I became. I eventually emerged out onto the high way. To my left looked ike a store and garage so I headed in that direction. The garage looked deserted more of a tyre place. so no goodies to buy. I was just about to walk back when a man who was filing his car said there is a shop just up there. I thanked him and carried on walking.

I was heading to the sports shop but I was just passing a bar. when I noticed what I thought was a hiker sat in the garden .So I headed there instead. just around the corner out of view was Happyfeet and Bob Narly. Why hi guys I said they had empty plates in front of them . Foods good Snail.

I went inside grabbed a soda and then ordered a burger and onion rings and a beer

The beer was so good I necked it in one so ordered another.

The place was very hiker Freidly and I was amazed how busy it was for a Sunday morning then I realised most where in to watch the football world cup final.

I really liked the bar as it backed up to a large lake. Many cabins dotted around the outside

The locals outside where very friendly and were interested in our hikes. My food came and the onion rings were amazing and my burger good. But I needed another beer. so went to get one and pay up . The barlady was so happy that she brought me a drink .

I enjoyed my beer sat in the sun watcbing the birds on the lake whilst my phone charged. But I sadly I needed to hike and now that the sun was out it was hot and I had been here far too long so my target of 20 miles was beginning to fade that with the slippery rocks this morning.

I walked the shortway back to the trail and pushed on and of course began to climb but on e I was up I stayed up and again was rewarded with some great views.

But the sun was getting hotter and hotter that the salt began to sting my eyes. so climbed up through a small corridor and was greeted with another fire tower but no one was manning this one today. But sat in front were several families who were enjoying their hike. and with a fantastic view.

I said hi then began my decent back into the forest where I stayed for about an hour . I was just about to start a climb when I met a lady coming the other way She introduced herself then asked me my name. Do you know the commander and Aussie . Yes I replied. ones my husband I’m going to meet them

I continued my climb and then I was at a large pavilion on the hill. At the far end sat Happyfeet and Bob Narly.

I joined them and took off my pack for 5 minutes. Then three children and their father arrived. she was Kenyan but lives in Florida The other man with him was trying to explain about us hikers and the Applacian trail. They were very interested. Be then offered us some water. So we followed him down to his car . he gave me 3 bottles which I topped u my bladder with. We all thanked him then returned to the trail . Happyfeet and Bob Narly were soon out of sight it I plodded on watching my clock slowly advance then I emerged out of the forest and there was the shelter.

Happyfeet and Bob Narly sat o the grass by the picnic table. Hi all I said waking over to the sheter. The shelter was full if young kids on a weekend camping trip. Snail.theres water in the bear box. I filled up my bottles.

Where are you staying Snail they asked. I had planned on several.more miles. as I had only done. 15. But then I decided that I was going to stay so went and found space for my tent. Then cooked. dinner



Miles 15


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