Day 94 Leaving Delaware Water Gap Pennsylvania New Jersey Border

Saturday 19th July   (14th July)

I slept well in my bunk although I was cold. I didn’t bother with my bag as I expected it to be too hot. my mistake. My alarm we t off at the usual time I silenced it then dozed. Soon other people began to move about so I took this as my que to get up. I stuffed my gear I to my pack . I will sort that later Ha!.

I then dragged my bag outside so as not to disturb the other sleeping hikers. Out side sat around a table was granite gear, Hills, sunshine and Strider. I pulled up a chair whilst I put on my new “Dirty Girl Gators” then socks and shoes. Then I drank my spare bottle of lemonade. Okay nearly ready . this stretch is going to be low water so I grabbed another liter just in case. the father & Daughter team headed off . I was hoping to beat them, oh well.

I’m.ready I said good bye to the group’s slung my pack onto my back and headed Out of the church.

The trail headed Out of. town then across the bridge which spans the Delaware. 3/ 4 across and I crossed into New Jersey whoop whoop good bye Rocksavania.

Although I knew I would still have to cross a few more miles of rock. .

Once across the bridge the trail followed the river . past several park centres which was lucky as I needed the loo.

the trail eventually crossed under the main road before entering another park and the climb.

the paths were good almost ashfelt so easy to walk on as it spiralled higher and higher . on a small side trail I noticed many stone cairns do went and has a closer look before returning to the trail and my climb. It was several.hours before it began to flatten out. and then sat at the top where the father anddaughter team . I nodded and carried on. I then met a couple walking their dog followed by a day higher who saw a bear and was scared.

My next landmark was a huge glacial lake which is one of new jerseys top landmarks.

the trail decided to go around the edge but once again it was scrambling over boulders. I slipped and almost snapped a pole. so had to had a word with myself. so continued .more slowly. By the time I had followed the lake the sun was now doing it’s best to melt me, god it was hot and I was in the shade. Thank God I was in the shade but now and then I came to a clearing normally for pylons to cross. Wow what a view first of New Jersey.

I pushed on trying to get miles in before the sun became unbearable . it wasn’t lo omg until I came to another clearing but this one was much better with almost 360° views .I stopped and took it all in before continuing. I hadn’t gone far till my foot caught rock sending me crashing to the ground. Fuck fuck I said as I lay there in a heap. Nothing damaged thank god. I struggled up it was 11.30 okay I take that as a sign for lunch.. I found a rock to sit on and dropped my pack . As I rested several day hikers came past the other way . then three hikers I hadn’t seen in a while. .The commander, Russ and Springer although they were getting off trail later today. as I chatted to then Father and daughter team came past.

I set off again running into about 12 girl scouts I chatted for 5 minutes before continuing on . The sun was getting even hotter and I was spending more time in the sun than the shade and I was melting and drinking my water fast. At last I began to decend and arrived at a bridge over a stream . I didn’t like the look of the water. and there was a spring in 2 miles I can wait.

As I got closer to the road Others were signs pointing to the Mohican Outdoor Center. nut it was .3 miles making .6 in total .As I decided whether to go or not 2 other hikers came down the road from there. it’s good Snail but expensive.

So I hiked on and up and into the roasting sun . But again once up the view were stunning . I had to keep stopping to stare . I urged my self on and began to approach a fire tower. it slowly got nearer until I was there. Day in the shade nearby was Happy feet and Bob Narly. Hi guys I said and sat with them for 5.
The fireman is in the tower and you can go up if you want. I gazed up at the tower and said I’d love too but I want to push on as it’s hot.

It’s been hot or rather dry for a while as all the bushes at the side of the trail are shrivilling up and dying. also so are the leaves on the trees. It looks like it needs a few days of rain . Preferably in the night . Although I don’t mind in the day if it cools things down.

Once past the tower the trail follows the fire road making it easy to walk .

At last I heard water . and found the spring I guzzeld down a litre then filled both bottles.Its a bit early but this heat just saps my energy so if I it I can camp now.

okay whats the time . and where do I want to be
I was shooting for 1315 so I should be there by six. Yes I can do that as it’s only 4 pm.
I pushed on and soon arrived at a large lake, again the trail likes to take you aground the edge. as I nearer the car park I could see and hear dozens of people in and around the lake.
It would of been so easy to drop my pack and jump straight in…. But no I carried on walking. I’m here in at the target . but I still felt good and it was still only 5.30 okay I said to myself I will walk to 6 then look. So I carried on down the trail Ping went my watch 6 pm okay snail… I took several.more steps left was the perfect spot.

I soon had my tent up and was eased when Happy feet and Bob Narly passed by they must of stopped for water but as usual i had plenty. I quickly boiled water then sat in my chair relaxing with a nice cuppa

Start 1294.7
Finish 1316.9
Miles 22.2



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