Day 93 Heading to Water Gap

I was all ready up when a hiker came past my tent. okay I need to get going .I was on the trail by 7am and back to my Friend’s the Rocks. I stumbled and tripped my way along passing several other hikers who were breaking camp. I knew that it wouldn’t being until they raced by me.

And yes it wasn’t long before strider came past and he was almost jogging !!

The morning was fairly uneventful rocks rocks and more rocks. But I pushed on as it was beginning to get hot. I began to meet several day hikers . a grandad with his grandchildren.

I began to hear cars and began to drop down , I crossed the road where the sign said .6 to the shelter. I decided that it stop there for a break.

I followed the blue blaze and the shelter appeared. I grabbed the book and signed in then relaxed and ate some snacks .

I was still chilling when Hills arrived and then went to get water. . When he reappeared I asked what it was like.

It’s good Snail it’s fresh water . so I imeaditly chugged a litre ad went and filled up again.

Time to hike .I hoisted my pack and set off down the trail I was imeaditly in a large open.pmane with great views . a great place to camp.

After several small ups and downs I was on a dirt road and was a me to increase my speed as there were no rocks . i followed it for several miles untill it ended at a substation .

Then itvwas back to the Rocks but I was heading down . lots of the ants were dying probs from.lack of water . I passed through several Rhodadendrum tunnels before dropping down into the forest.

now I was spiralling down and could see the sprawling river below. Finally i emerged out by a huge lake covered with water lillies . then I was in the town I saw the pub /bar but walked a little further to the church . which is donation.

Happy feet & Bob Narly are here I chat to them then chill.

they are going to Wal-Mart so I give them a list meaning I can’t spend too much .

While they are gone I relaxed in the sun and rested my foot.

As I resting. Granite Gear, followed by Sunshine and Moustrap appear . how did you beat us ?

Getting up early and pushing the miles. Although I wasn’t that far in front of them . and they take longer breaks than me. The Church was now full so they went to put up their tents on the grass behind the church. Then the Father and daughter team team arrived .

Im glad I was I front of them

HAPPY feet soon returned and great she had every thing on my list and I onlybowed her 4 bucks. bargain. so grabbed my lemonade and ice cream and sat outside to devour it

When that was accomplished

I sorted out my food then took a shower and had a shave. then the Invisible man and myself went out for a pizza and beer as we can’t drink at the church.

But we weren’t late as j wanted a fairly early night and a good start in the morning.

Start. 1280.4
Finish 1294.7
Miles. 14.3


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