Day 91 zero in port Clinton

Monday 9th July

I heard several other hikers moving around at 6 am but I had chores to do so there was no hurry. at 8 am I got up for the customary see but as I was in public I wandered ovrrvto the porta Potty.

I then returned to my bed. and was dozing when several ladies appeared bringing in food.

There’s going to be coffee and eggs one of the ladies announced.

so I got up . and walked over to where they were setting up.

There was in deed bacon . boiled eggs and a sort of omelette that was so tasty. I also had coffee. then the ladies brought around juices . and bagels . then insisted that we have more ..

Well that was unexpected and really nice .

Okay haircut time .I walked to the barber’s carrying my old poles and bits that i wanted to post.

I walked into the barber’s and was amazed it was like Aladdins cave. filled with memrobillia and brick a brack and all the chairs where rocking chairs

There was a man having his hair cut so good I will be next then I can get on

But No..

Once the man had paid .The barber began doing other stuff.

then he looked at me . and asked do you want your hair cut?

Well yes i do .

A few minutes he said and began to fill cases with silver coins and other trinkets .

Get yourself a coffee and pastry. there are cookies there and relax

Then the father and daughter hikers arrived but they just wamted a lift. One of my customers will take you. just relax.

Almost 40 minutes later he’s ready for me. but as he starts to cut my hair he keeps having conversations with every one as the shop gradually fills up.

Then 2 more members of staff arrive and again he starts to cut my hair then wanders off to chat to more customers .

I’m still sat in the chair when noproblama arrives . but only to charge his phone

omg a 45 minute hair cut but it did look good. I pay and go to retrieve my phone and noproblama laughs at the amount of time that it took .

Yes I said as I need to get to the postoffice. Snail he doesn’t open untill.12.30 ,!!

Really I say . bugger I was hoping to head straight back out well after tree hugger gets in

So I grab a chair and continue to charge it whilst editing video

Then Tree hugger appears . Snail is this yours . Well the k you so much . really appreciate it thanks again .

With we are all together I grab a photo if all if us and me in the chair. Tree Hugger decides to get his hair cut .so I say my good byes as he is staying in a hotel in the next town .and it’s now 12.30.

I walk to the p.o. . hand over my I’d and say that you should have a few packages for me.

He comes Back with 4 my new poles. new tips new socks and a case and glass for my phone.

I box up my old poles and a few other bits then post them up the trail.

At last I wander back to the pavilion. I cut the new ends into my poles. then sort out my other bits . The case for my phone is good but the glass is the wrong size and it’s not worth returning it. oh well my mistake.

I decide to sort out some paperwork and drink a few beers from yesterday. Then I decide it’s not worth hiking out now and as my foot is killing me it would be good to rest it more.

sin the Pavilion. several hikers are resting . That seems a good idea so I decide to do the same

and grab fourty winks with my foot elevated.

at 5pm Robin hood decides to go for food . Where are you going I asked to the Hotel snail.

I don’t think they open on a Monday but the fire station club is and they do snacks and cheep beer.

You fancy coming Snail?

Yeah why not . On the way to town I suggest we quickly check on the Hotel. it as we approach a lady shouts out

“They are closed on a Monday”

Okay then..

So we head to the fire station and push the bell. when the light goes orange we can open the door.

We enter then ask several patrons if they would mind signing us in .

Then we can order some beer. The local ale is yinglang. and it is served in frosted glasses.

I then order some food . which I soon dispose of. Then I make the whole bar laugh by asking for a servette. The barman is confused. Oh sorry I say a Napkin.

several of the locals buy me beer and I’m just about to leave when 2 more are brought me.

I must go after these I insist .

When at last I exit the fire station there is a nip in the air .

and wished I had brought my puffy which I now have back.

I must admit I enjoy the walk back at dusk watching the fireflies dart about .

once back at the Pavilion I pack up my gear so I’m ready to go first thing.

Then I swallow a couple of Pm to help me sleep then I’m gone

Start 1185

Finish 1185.

Miles. ZERO


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