Day 91 Heading to Palmerton and Sunny Rest Resort

Wed 11th July

It was a slow getaway but I was on trail by 6.45..
The trail started as it ended yesterday Rock and more rock.
again it’s the small pointy ones that hurt most. I cautiously crossed rock field after rock field . and after 2 hours I had had enough of the rock .Suddenly the rock turned into lovely path and then i arrived at the first shelter. I walked down to have a nose and take a 5 minute break or basically rest my foot. I had a few snacks wrote in the book then continued on my way.

The rocks had gone and in.its place was a lovely trail and so I was able to push . it was fairly smooth for several miles.

In the distance I could hear traffic and shortly I exited onto a busy road. crossed over and continued on my way . I pushed on for several more hours as I wanted to get to the second shelter as I needed water.

The water here was miles away and down another trail

But as I needed water I dropped my pack and went to get water.

Start. 1218.9


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