Day 90 Leaving Port Clinton to Dans Spring

Tuesday 10th July

The alarm was buzzing I silenced it. . I looked around the pavilion no one was moving. Slowly I u did the stopper bed and began to finish packing up..
It was 6 30 when I left the pavilion but I’m off trail. I walked along the road heading back towards the fire station .
Once there I blindly loomed aground …where is the bloody trail. I did a complete circuit of the fire station . It has this way and headed down a side road and yes , hidden from.view was a blaze.

Once on the followed the river before ducking under the road bridge then up across a service road and then the climb.
I had been told that it’s not as bad as the down into town. as I began climbing I startled a sleeping deer who looked at me disgustingly got up and walked away.
It took about an hour before I hit the summit and rocks.
My foot was killing me, i had bruised the sole and I think a return of gout but in my left foot.. Fantastic.
I began clambering over rocks before seeing several tents , maybe I should have done a few miles yesterday i thought but quickly banished that idea when I slid on my arse.. I got up saying a few obscenities and moved on . The father and daughter team came past me . I must remember their names. We chatted about my haircut and how long it had taken then they are gone. I must be slow today as they don’t usually catch me

On well. I pushed on and on… The rocks gradually began to annoy me and hurt my foot so my pace slowed even more..But I’m.not in a hurry , but feel.i should be faster. But when ibtry I stumble and trip and get more annoyed so this is my pace. After several more climbs I emerged to a look out with amazing views over Pennsylvania. I paused and enjoyed the view. I was just about to leave when Tree Hugger and Santiago appeared we exchanged the usual verbal abuse .

tree Hugger. said you got crap for a few more miles then 5 miles of flat . Great I said. Then we both went off in our separate directions..
I pushed on until I needed to stop for water. It was a lovely cold spring so didn’t filter. Whilst here I decided to take lunch too.
It was a great spot and I didn’t really want to move but I had too.
Okay Snail where do you want to go …
The next water was in 6 miles up a steep hill and the shelter was another 3 giving me 22 miles

I can do that.. so pushed on, several hours later I emerged onto a road . there was a sign saying shelter, but did not want to visit it .
As i sat deciding a large rattle snake decided to cross the road as I watched another hiker appeared
He then convinced me that he hostel was worth a visit. so headed the 100 yards down the road.There were several other hikers there. I dropped my pack a d went to use the loo. Whilst there I also took a shower

so wrote in the log and we just about to leave when thee caretaker offered me a beer.

Once that was gone I slung on my pack and set off.
It was flat for the first mile then the climb. it was steep it was hot my pack was heavy .
omg I puffed and panted and was soon at the top only to be greeted with rock. lots of rock.rock every where .It killed my feet as I hobbled over it . God I hate this rock . At this rate I wouldn’t make the shelter. in fact I didn’t care . get water and camp up. after 2 hours I came to the spring .

It was down a very steep trail. I dumped my pack grabbed a bottle and sliped and slides down the hill. The water was good a d soon filled up my bottles. At me climb up was fun but I soon was reunited with my pack. I walked a few more yards and noticed a camp spot.
Yup that will do me. I soon had my tent up and tea cooking Night all

Start. 1185
Finish 1218.9
Miles 18.


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