Day 88 Heading to Port Clinton

As I had put in the miles I treated myself to a lie in , Although I heard my tenting companion packing up to leave. Finally I emerged at 8am and began to pack up I had enough gas to make tea.

I finished my packing and stepped back onto the trail. and attacked the rocks again.

My left foot was hurting . I put it down to the Constant rocks as the sole seems bruised. so I shoved more ibourfin down me and tried to blank it out. although every now and then my foot landed on a stupid rock sending pain shooting up my foot and a few choice words spilt from my mouth.

I slowed down and tried to concentrate on how I placed my foot. The big ones are easy it the small pointy ones that kill me and they are almost impossible to miss.

I pushed on and on the rocks being replaced with more mud and swamps which I have to say is far better than the rock. Then some nice trail whoop allowing me to push and make up time.. But then I thought why push there is no hurry as I will be in town for 2 days.

It wasn’t long till I got to my first climb which of course was steep and long. I puffed and panted up it. Once up the trail was gentle until I reached the next rock challenge . well the challenge was looking for the blazes. and I hate it when you step on a huge granite slab and it moves putting you off balance. Once over I pushed on and the trail was now littered with blow downs to climb over . One was fairly huge and as I tried to get over it my pole sunk into the ground sending me crashing into the ground
Fuck bollocks and a few other words escaped from my mouth. But luckily no damage.. but I was annoyed with myself and the tree.

Okay time for a break and in the distance I could see a perfect spot. yep that will do
When i got there , there was a lady called Judy who was on her way home from a few days hiking. We chatted fora while and then she offered to take me to Cabelas a large outdoors store.
Brilliant and she offered to wait for me to.
Judy headed off saying your soon catch me. but I will be in the car park
After 20 minutes I set off after her stumbling over more rocks. Then had to wait until another big snake moved off of the trail.
Finally one more descent then i would be in Port Clinton, BUt the descent was stupidly steep and gravel so you were almost sliding down .
It took me about 10 minutes to get down as it was so slippery.

I finally emerged onto a bike track and Judy was waiting. we crossed the railway. which is a steam and coal museum then walked to her car

Wow Cabelas was amazing.
It had rows and rows of fishing rods. rows of lures and floats . Then rows and rows of guns and ammo. Then camping and water sports I was hypnotised with the quantity of stuff. and in the more a huge collection of stuffed animals laid out in amazing scenes .

I headed upstairs for the camping department. sadly they didn’t have the size gas I wanted so I had to but a huge one but it will last. I also brought a few other bits and pieces
I could have spent hours in this store but my ride was waiting to take me back to town.

As I got out of her car I saw sunshine, Granite Gear and mousetrap. As we chatted a guy said do you guys want a cold beer?
We were sat outside the fire station but they have their own private bar. The man signed us in and we enjoyed several cold beers .

Next it was off to find the pavilion where I would stay that was a little way down the road.
It was a large pavilion with tables and free items donated by kind people
I found a space. and lay out my pad and sleeping bag.
I was relaxing when an oldish man asked did any one need a ride.
I would love to go to Wal-Mart, a
Soon two other hikers and myself were heading to the store. I brought a few bits plus memory card and a large usb to clear down my phone.
Our driver then dropped us back to a bar in town . I ordered a burger and washed that down with a few more cold ales. I was just eating when Granite Gear, Mousetrap and noproblama appeared, Sunshine had a migraine so had crashed.
I enjoyed my burger had one more beer then grabbed a six pack to take back to the pavilion.
I quickly put all my food in a bag to hang in case of mice before enjoying another beer with mousetrap, Soul-man and Robin hood. before hitting the sack

Start 1207.5
Finish 1218.9
Miles. 11.4


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