Day 89

I decided to get up early so I could do the miles with out going too fast. I stripped down my tent and hoisted my pack . As Sunshine had her fly off too I could see that she was awake so l quietly said bye see you up the trail.

The start was steep untill I was up on the ridge then it levelled. out. But was still very Rocky and my feet were feeling every single rock . It was another gorgeous day but with out the humidity which just drains me. I pushed on as the first sheter was only 4 miles away. I shortly arrived at the sign for the shelter and followed it down . It was a huge double story shelter so lots of room..I wrote in the journal then left the way I came . At this point the trail became a dirt road and was rockless . I made the most of the flat rockless terrain by pushing harder. I crossed several roads and hoped to see an ice chest…. But not today. sob .

I then met some hikes who were seated on a huge rock with an amazing view of the countryside.

I pushed on and sever hours later I was crossing the road near the 501 shelter. I detoured down to it . and rifled through the hiker box for gas. all were empty apart from a 8oz . It didn’t have much in but maybe it would give me a boil…..or three. I decided to have lunch here and also topped up my water. I was now,ready

I made my way back to the trail and pushed on through the rock. I met 3 girl hikers coming the other way and was amazed to see that 2 were wearing flip flops..

wow I’m impressed I said.

The trail stayed the same climb up and over rock repeat. and then take you down and do it ,all again

By now the sun was scorching but I plodded. on trying to get back into the cool forest.

at last the forest but omg it was like being in the everglades in Florida . just marsh. biggy smelly marsh I was constantly changing sides to keep dry and where were the blazes. I stopped and checked my phone . Yes I was on course. but where were the blazes. If I looked hard it appeared that they had been rubbed. out. maybe kids as if I looked behind me I could see them . I soldiered on jumping and using stepping stones and logs to navigate this muddy swap at last dry land. I continued on then saw an amazing huge tent in the middle of know where. wow how the hi did they get that in there. The problem. with us hikers we use a very limited. map which only shows us one route . so I guess that there may be other trails and paths.

I exited onto another road and climbed up the other side . It was now getting late but my target was in sight. I pushed on . I will get water next then I can start to look for a camp site.

Great a spring I topped up my bottles then moved on . Then I met another familiar face getting water at the next stream. I can’t remember his name but he was st the ice cream challenge with us. We said our hellos a.d he asked where I was heading .

The next tentsite I said laughing.

okay snail I may see you there.!

The camp site was 2 miles away and I was soon putting up my tent. then I hung my rope ready for my food bag .

Next I assembled my chair and began to hear water for tea. my fingers crossed that it would last.

I was just starting on dinner when the other hiker appeared.

Do you mind if i join you SNAIL.

Not st all as there was plenty of room . he wanted to get to the next shelter but had had enough for the day

He admired my tent. yes it’s a 3 man I replied judt for me

Wow snail.uou have a chair!

Yes I said because I’m.worth it .

It suddenly became quite buggy sending us both scuttling inside our tents.

He then asked what time I was getting up ..

Normally 6 I said but as I’m not far from town im going to have a lie in I laughed

But don’t worry about waking me . Night

Start 1185.

Finish 1207.5

Miles. 23


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