Day 86 Heading to Duncannon

I lay awake staring at the sky as I hadn’t had to put my fly on.

To my right I could here the sound of someone packing up and so it was time to do the same. Groggily I unzipped my tent walked a few paces and enjoyed my morning wee.

I quickly packed up and then.lit my stove as my neighbour hoisted his pack said the customary see you up the trail as he walked back towards the trail. I enjoyed my cuppa before finishing my packing .I then walked down to.the shelter dropped my pack and headed towards the loo.

The loo here is known as the Taj Mahal as it’s huge . Bigger than some shelters I’ve seen

I was soon back on the trail and I only had 11 miles to get me into town whoop

It was early but still warm as made my way along the trail but I was heading down . At last a breeze. that’s oh so nice.

The down didn’t last long and soon I was puffing up the obligitary up, but at a rather good speed and was soon catching another hiker in front .. who turned out to be my last night’s neighbour.

I soon was at the top and the trail began to level out. in fact it stayed like this for most of the Day. Then the rocks arrived and I was soon tripping over them.and swearing. okay I’ll take a break in a minute i said to myself. Then I noticed another hiker in front sitting ona log..He was at the shelter when I arrived last night but hiked out. We chatted for a while then I.pushed on.

a little way along there was a clearing giving me a great view of the river and town..I must be near i thought. As I carried on I could hear voices below okay i must be going down soon . I could then see 3 people sat on a large rock outcrop. But by the time I had reached their level they had gone. The trail now dived down nut was made of rock steps.I tried to speed up slipped kicked a rock killing my toe and decided that that was not clever. I then did it again almost rolling my ankle. a string of rude words filed the air and I began to decend even slower.

At last I was standing on a road. But the trail wasn’t very clear. so I checked my phone.

okay this way . the trail crossed a bridge then eventually would snake it’s way through town.

A little way in the distance I could see a garage. and a smile appeared on my face.

Oh it’s so lovely walking from heat into air con. I grabbed a basket and put in 2 lilts , a peach Snapple, 2 oranges, an Apple, a fruit jelly a pint of strawberry ice cream and a bug spray. I then paid walked across the street sat at a picnic table and ate and frank the lot . I was just tidying up when a man stopped his truck and came over to chat . although I wanted to leave. I was still chatting when three other hikers who were at the shelter last night arrived. . This man was interested in hiking so was hitting us for information and tips.

At last I escaped and walked on heading to Town . by now it was hot . But after my picnic in the park I really needed the loo.

as in was passing Doyles hotel I noticed a lady sat outside , who I presumed worked there so I asked if I could use the loo.

You a hiker?

Well yes i am ( Can’t you tell)!!

Come inside leave your pack. need fresh water?

I did as I was told a d entered the bar. Oh a bar! You serve beer I foolishly asked.

Yes she said pointing at the pumps.

So I ordered a beer then.i.noticed st the other end of the pub some familiar faces.It was Sunshine, Moustrap and noproblama I.think.thsts his trail name.

Snailtrainer they all exclaimed

and gee had hugs l round whist catching up.on the gossip. They were dying pool.with some locals and were loosing badly. it appeared that Moustrap and myself were next up so I grabbed myself another beer. and then we also lost.

These guys were staying at.the local church . But in was at the motel ” Red Carpet”. so I said goodbye to my friends as I needed beer to take with me.

the Beer sho was huge and was very busy is July 4th.

all the beers I wanted were in.huge quantities and that was far too much.

I was still pondering when another hiker arrived .Do you want to sit a case I asked?

Yes snail that’s a great idea

so I brought a case and he made me half Result. our side we carefully put the bottles into our packs. I waved goodbye then rang the motel to organise my ride.

He arrived with in 10 minutes . I put in my pack then got in. The motel was several miles along the freeway. so not good to hitch.

I checked in got my 1/4s for laundry then walked room it was big and spacious.

I quickly transferred my beer to the fridge, Next was laundry so I rounded up all my smelly stuff and pin it was being cleaned . While thstbeaz being done I jumped intontjevshowdf and relaxed for 20 minutes.

Oh that’s was so good. I walked back to the laundry and transferred my clothes to the dryer.

Now it was beer time. I exploded my pack all over the room and began to soft through my gear. I made a pile of items that I wanted to Post. ( tick). Then.i wrote a letter to exchange my socks ( tick).

I drank my beer as I did my chores. Then went to retrieve my clothes from.the dryer.the two pairs of “Holey” socks I put in a ziplock along wifh the letter. I will post tomorrow.

The motel said thstvthey would run me to the restaurant and up so i walked to the reception . A young lad drove me but it appeared closed ( July 4th) . Okay where next.

I was now getting a burger and fries it looked huge. I grabbed my food and walked back to the motel. On threat back I passed a hardware store.(( I should of gone in and got gas !!)).

Once back in my room I owned another beer and stuffed my face with burger and chips.

Once full.i did more chores, ordered. tyvek, and a phone case and then relaxed and watched Tv drinking more beer.

Start 1138.6

Finish 1147.9

Miles. 11 miles


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