Day 86 From Clarks Gap to Swatara Gap Mile 1185

I silenced my first alarm and dozed to the 6am alarm sounded .I snoozed it when it went off again I pulled the stopper on my bed .whoosh went the air.

Groggy I unzipped my tent and had a wee.i then retrieved my food bag. I then began the strip down and walked back onto the trail by 7am not bad . I had a mile of flat then a long down then the dreaded big up.

I hadn’t gone far when I ran into Tree Hugger high man how goes it . We chat for a while he is heading to Duncannon . Where are you staying I ask ?

The red carpet Snail.
Oh great any chance that you can do me a favour ?
I left my puffy could you possibly grab it for me .
So hopefully we shod pass tomorrow.
I pushed on and then be a. the long decent who h I strive with as if kills my knees. .down and down eventually it began to level out the. Sunshine appeared she was .camped down a side trail. we walked together for a while .passing half bear.i. impressed you got this far I called to him. I followed sunshine then we crossed a road and began the big climb. I may see you later I called. she’s too fast for me to keep up with . the limb wasn’t too bad but long oh so long .if went on and on. several hours later the trail levelled out and then dived back down before levelling out again . It was raining but the trees seemed to protect me but I decided to stop and put my pack cover on . as I continued on through the woods I began to hear the roar of water .eventually it came into view and I followed it for some time. along the side of the trail there looked like slag heaps from coal mining and the path seemed to be made of coal. eventually I arrived at a road ad walked along until I. came to a bridge,On the other side of the bridge there was a sign telling you about a town that used to be here and that it was a coal mining community. I moved on following the river untill it split off . But here the trail became boggy very boggy then it became a lake. I tried to navigate aground it but then decided to walk through it. as I walked I noticed it was a beaver dam they had dammed the river causing it to flood the trail.

I walked on and found more rocks to fall over and I did I fell 4 times. I cut my knuckles and the last time I bent my toes on my left foot. Omg that hurt so I was now hobbling so decided that it was time to take a break.

I found a nice rock took of my shoes wrung out my socks and had more snacks . Okay what to I have to do 5 miles to the camp. yep I can do that.I packed up and set off down the rocky trail.I then slipped again and fell on my arse . This time I was really angry argh . right I’m going to stop . Now. When I got back up I noticed a spring to my left so watered up. When I had calmed down. I pushed on and decided I would get to the campground.

I crossed over another road then crossed a lovely old bridge and read about the old canal. One of the old locks was still visible. Oh a trash can… I dumped my trash . that was a good find .Okay .9 to camp and yes uphill I walked up the road then the trail headed up and under a large viaduct. and beneath as an ice chest I walked up and looked inside. Amazingly it was full coke.lilt, ginger beer and water.i grabbed a lemonade and glugged it then I did another..I wrote in the book.i thought of packing one out. but hiked on and up it was steep and hot Zig zagged up.the switchbacks. At last j saw a tent it was Granite Gear who I hadn’t seen in a while. hiya . just above were more tent spots so I soon had my tent up. and was cooking sat in my new chair, When mousetrap arrived shortly followed by Sunshine. They set up their tents by me .which was lucky as my gas ran out so I was able to borrow Sunshines. They all walked down to join Granite gear and noproblama who had made a fire . we sat around chatting by the campfire untill it was time for me to turn in ZzzzZz

Start 1163.3
Finish 1185.
Miles. 22 miles


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