Day 85 Leaving Duncannon

When I am in a motel there is no hurry as I want to make the most of my room.
eventually I emerged from my bed put coffee on and began to pack up
I was soon done so checked with reception for my ride back in to town. and soon in was at the post office .
“You should have a few packages for me” I said handing over my Id
The lady quickly returned with a armful of boxes.
My shorts from under armour, coffee filter. Ear buds, a food parcel, chair. mp3 player.
It took me about 20 minutes to sort. Once done I posted my spare bits up the trail then walked out of the post office.
The trail snakes through the town so I was soon back on it as i walked through the streets I really like all the different shapes and styles of house as I walk the trail. the trail then takes a sharp right and I’m crossing a large bridge over a river..then I am.crossing an even larger bridge over an even wider river.
Once across i stand looking for the trail markers. Where the hell does it go? I walk to my left and see a sign that tells of the Local history. As I get nearer I catch sight of a marker pointing the way.
I cross over the railway tracks and it’s time to climb. The climb is two miles up and steeply up.

As I begin to climb down on the road I can see Sunshine, Mousetrap and the Nopromlarmar . They too are looking for the trail. I whistled and pointed to them down below. They put up their thumbs
I push on going back and forth and up and up around one corner there are a dozen shirts laid out on a rock . I smile guess he’s trying to loose weight . After an hour I am at the top, thank god I pant. I now need water as do not drag it up mountain if I don’t have to. I push on till I can smell a drop toilet I laugh to myself well the shelter can’t be too far away and sure enough a sign soon appears.
As I walk down the Blue trail I can see the shelter and the gang are here, Mousetrap, Sunshine and lama
I head to the spring and get water, then decide to have an early lunch just as the gang leave. They are a lot faster (like everyone) I push on and then come up to a lady hiker she has ear buds in so as not to spook her.
“Hello” I shout she steps off of the trail so that I can pass.
I then recognise her. Her name it Pretzel , I last saw at stanimals in Wainsboro.
I push on until I see the guy who camped by me and halfbear sat on a rock having their lunch.
“Nice spot guys, I wave and push on .
The rocks return slowing my pace, followed by some are big climbs. A lot of the rock is loose that kills my feet and being damp its bloody slippery

I Stumble on over the rock swearing when I trip or slip, Now and then soil appears. I try to push to make up time as their is rain is due at 4 pm and it’s normally on time.
I go to slurp more water and I’m dry bugger, I have a spare pint but I do not want to stop. In the distance I could hear the rumble of thunder, It’s coming I say to myself.
I reach a sign for the next shelter, I need water but its a way off of trail Bollocks but I need it so turn down the trail.
It was a big double-decker shelter with a covered eating area. The guy I shared a shuttle back to town was here, he has a Hawaiian trail name but I have forgotten it.
The sign for water read “Spring” .2. or 300 steps. Dam I set off down the 300 steps, which were bloody steep. I quickly filled up and made my way back ,but going up with a hands fulls of water wasn’t quite so easy.
Once back at the shelter I decided to have a snack.
Then the rain came. I was relaxing when Half bear arrived.
“You going on Snail ?
“Once it’s stopped yes I want 5 more miles maybe more.
I sat in the shelter watching the rain and trying to make up my mind.
It was a nice shelter. Nope! I’m going on.
At last the rain stopped and the sun came out. I hoisted up my pack and marched out, I had lost an hour, it was now 5 pm.
I wanted the next campsite 5 miles ahead but I didn’t want to walk that late. I decided that i will walk to 6.30 that should give me 3 miles. After an hour I began to pass several tent spots.
No SNAIL too early, but this could be the last tent spot for a while, but I was confident that there would be more.
At 6.45 my tent was up, i threw my rope ready before setting up my new chair. YES I now have a chair and omg it was lush . I cooked tea and relaxed. Fuck I was almost out of fuel as I forget to get one before leaving Duncannon and it was on my list Doh.
I cleared up and had just got into my tent when it began to rain. I quickly put on my fly

Start 1147.9
Finish 1163.3
Miles. 15 miles


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