Day 83

I quickly packed up then began the slug back up the hill.

What a stupid place to put a shelter.

It was almost 4 miles to the Road where I wanted to hitch to the store grab a few bits then hitch to the cafe for breakfast.

The trail drops down onto the busy road but I need to be on the other side.

I take my life hands and make it across the sun seems even hotter here may e it’s the black tarmac.

I am fairly lucky and soon I am stranding outside the 5 and dime store . But it’s not open yet but it won’t be long .soon the staff began to shell out all the displays .ice box’s etc.

My watch pings 8 but I wait a few more minutes before entering. I hrB a basket and quickly tick things off of my list as I drop them in. Phew all done. I buy a soda to drink while I hitch but as I cross the road to go back a car imeaditly stops.

You hiking the trail.

Yes sir I am .

You going the whole way ?

Yes sir I am !

He then drops me at the cafe.

there are several packs ready outside. I drop. my pack then quickly go through my shopping discarding the outers.

Then go into the cafe .to my amazement bumblebee is here and papa Smurf.

Bumble bee moves over to make room for me.

Omg I say I thought you would be miles away. In fact she stayed at the hostel a little way into town.

We catch up gossip as I wait for my breakfast to arrive.

bacon eggs fried potatoes and pancakes with coffee and orange juice.

it looks hood when it arrives and it soon disappears into my tummy several coffees later in full.

I pay and leave as a steady stream of other hikers arrive.

Once outside I rearrange my new food into my pack and then I am ready.

We l walk up the road together Papa Smurf.Bumblebee and myself.

It a .4 mile road walk back to the trail. Then again we have to cross over. We are now in the Caledonian park . a very large campsite.

The trail winds it way around the park then the climb began .it was 10 am and it was hot. the trail was steep and the first part was exposed so the Sun was melting.

Pappa Smurf bounded up like a goat . I puffed and panted like always. I let bumblebee go then tried to follow. As we climbed numerous day walkers came the other way

Up and up we climbed. this was the climb that I didn’t want to do last night. and so thought that it would be easier on fresh legs.. ha ha

at last the trail leveled out or rather the Incline was less steep allowing me to put in some spurts of speed.

We then got to the next shelter and wow what a great shelter.

It had a swing. potted plants. games and was spotlessly clean. and had quirky decorations.

There were several hikers there. one said to us .

only 400 feet to go see you at the top.

I groaned and walked on imeaditly it became steep again I zoned out and attacked it , keeping my head down . not daring to look up.

up and up . the trail had logs cut into it to stop flooding, which were sometimes to high to step over due to erosion.

at last the trail levelled out and I began to pull away from bumble bee. I was cruising down the trail. Now and then I would exit out of the forest where a gas pipe was laid or had power. lines. But once out in the open the sun hit you like a finance. Omg I would mutter and speed up to get back into the shade

Then the shade would vanish completely and I was walking between the blueberry bushes which will soon have fruit on

Then I saw him ……… Another Big bear

I stopped he looked at me I looked at him.i was a bit close so I began to back up down the trail. I then began to video him . But then he charged. I retreated a bit further. Then I banged my poles together and then he retreated.

Then I heard a Caw caw behind me . I turned and saw Bumble bee.. BEAR!!! I said

I bashed my poles again and the bear backed up then crossed the trail into the forest.

I waited a few minutes before continuing bashing my poles and saying. BEAR. please don’t eat us.

Once past I had. huge grin on my face and Bumble bee was very happy too.

We carried on together untill we came across 4 hikers sat around a stream.

There was papa Smurf, Reggie Rocket, Juke box and ?

There’s trail.magic. I grabbed a bottle of water and a cookie ..But there was no bin so I had to carry my trash..I are a few snacks while I filtered more water.

One by one the other hikers left with me bringing up.the rear .

There were a few small climbs but the trail was good. But HOT. I pushed on and on my watch counting down the hours.

I then came to the next shelter and the same guys were there taking lunch so I joined them.

I dropped my pack then took off my shoes and socks then lay with my feet in the air as my feet ached. I put it down to the trail surface being so HOT. After 15 minutes I got up and went to get water. I soaked my feet for a few minutes . that felt so good. I then ate a few snacks

Again this was a lovely shelter . But I needed to hike on 7 more miles to the next shelter.

Yes that will do me for today.

I set off down the trail still melting from this intense heat.I could see bumblebee in the distance so began to chase her Down. I crossed over a road then back into the forest just around one corner sat Blaze and Bumble bee.

What up I asked ?

HALFWAY !!!!!! Snail

on the ground in stones was I deed the half way point. I took some photos wow halfway whoop.

I pushed on another smile on my face another bear and half way this is a great day.

I spent the afternoon with Bumble bee and we talked one too into the last and final shelter of the day came into view.

I walked through and grabbed a tent pad and quickly put up mytent. Then I hot water and washed my socks and shirt.

Then I cooked tea whilst chatting to other hikers.

we chatted enough the day the bear and other nonsense.i was just packing up when the invisible man appeared. We chatted for a while trying to find out where others are on the trail then I headed back to my tent and. bed

Start 1080.8

Finish 1099.08

Miles. 19


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