Day 80 Heading to the Boarder

I set my alarm even earlier . but snoozed it when it went off.
Reluctantly I pulled the stopper from my mattress and herd the air escape. I then visited the loo.
One back I pulled the pegs and began to pack up .I retrieved my food bag and put on water as I finished packing. I quickly drank my tea then walked to the trail it was 6am.
I set off trying to may be catch my friend Bumble bee. but then thought she would possibly be up early.
I decided that I was right to stop last night as there wasn’t anywhere else after the first hour pinged by. Then the trail began to defend and its tough hard rock. You had to climb over most of it . and omg it just sapped my strength.
It was going to be a hot day so .I wanted to put on the miles early. but this rock made my progress so slow.
Eventually it stopped, and a nice path appeared I pushed on and soon came to the state park . it was a huge picnic area and great they had dustbin . so, I dumped my trash. I old guy came and asked if I needed help and proceeded to tell me all about the town called Waynesboro ( a different one) and I should go and resupply. and they had an all you can eat Chinese Buffet. Thanks, I said but I was looking at. different town. Do then he tell me all about Gettysburg. and that I should visit there.
I thanked him. And went and got water.

I was just sorting out my pack when a bunch of girls walked by and one was Sunshine who I hadn’t seen in a long while. We had a hug and our photos taken
She had been out with her girlfriends and was now getting back on trail
But would hike with her mates for about a mile. Then they took off I was still sorting my stuff but then took. Off after them.
I caught then all crowding around a stone pillar which was the Maryland/ Pennsylvania Border whoop whoop so more photos .

I pushed on and then met another of the big black snakes. I walked around him. And pushed on it was getting hotter and hotter.
Then sunshine appeared we walked for a while and chatted but she’s tall (Long legs) and so I had to. Let her go as her pace was killing me. But I may catch her at the last shelter unless she goes on .
I was making good progress  and it was soon 11 am
I will stop at the next shelter for lunch. I said to myself
When I got near, I filled up my water
It was so hot I was beginning to melt.

I filtered 2liters into my bladder then ate my lunch. I took a  30-minute break before  setting off again
I walked through a  lovely park before I  began to climb and climb and climb and it was oh so steep and hot bloody hot.

I began to struggle hitting that invisible brick wall.
Several  hikers  sped past me giving me words of encouragement
But I had no oomph. I dragged myself up for several hours before deciding that I needed another break.
Come on Snail I said to myself  willing me myself on, but I was done.
I sat on a large rock and took off my shoes and socks. I ate  a few snacks then set my timer for  20 minutes and lay back on the rock.

Once my time was up, I hit the trail again more refreshed and finally finished the climb. I shadowed Reggy Rocket for a while before she took a break .
I pushed on crossing road after road and then more climbs . A lot of the trail was open and exposed so  I was cooking.
I was drinking so much that my bladder was soon empty.Fuck …
That’s no good so decided to stop again . I found another rock to sit on
Yes, I was indeed out of water well almost. I adjusted my bladder in my pack. I had about 1/2 pint left
The next shelter was not far away  but the water was  .5 behind.
That’s not good so  I may as well stay here .
I was just packing up when Misty (optimist) came by, he too was out of water
The Shelter was off trail by .25 of a mile which is pants .but I needed water and typically, the trail to the  shelter was very steep.
When I arrived Misty’s, pack was lying in the shelter. I dropped mine grabbed my bladder a cup and my big bottle and set off to get water. 5 away . which is far, but the water was good. As I was coming back up, I met what I thought was another hiker coming down I tried to tell him about the water.
“I know came the reply!!!
Once back at the shelter I began to cook. Misty was finishing off then hiking out, but I was staying. Then the other hiker reappeared, and I noticed his badges. He was a ridge Runner.(Someone who is employed by the AT to. Look after the shelters and offer guidance to other hikers) and so that’s why he knew about the water

I cooked dinner and chatted to him as  other hikers came and went
The Dad and daughter turned up. Then Flex who I hadn’t seen in a while.
Finally, I took my pack and set up my tent. I left the fly half off as it’s been so hot. Hope it doesn’t rain .

Start 10460.8
Finish 1080.8
Miles 20


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