Day 78 Zero in Harper’s Ferry

I woke and dozed Tree hugger was up as he was put early to slack pack .

At 7 I got up and groggily walked into the kitchen there were about 6 sat arku d the ta le with coffee and a huge plate of waffles. I grabbed a coffee and sat down. put a

large waffle onto my plate smeared it with butter then sliced half a banana over the top before pouring maple syrup over it

God that tasted. so good washed down with coffee and orange juice. I ate 4more of these tasty waffles untill I was full.

my next chore was the post office . it was a 10min walk.

I handed over my I’d as the man went to search. He returned several minutes later with 4 packages. 2 boxes and 2 bags. one was my tent bag, the other a top from under armour.then the 2 boxes 1 of food and the other bits.

I bounced both of these.

But I was still missing 4 packages. my shoes, socks and 2 packages from home.

I asked him to check again!

He replied that they may be at the AT Center!. I wondered why but went in search anyway.

I walked to the AT building and asked if there were any packages for me.

Let’s look said the lady.

Yes indeed 2 packages , .yes my shoes and new socks. But nothing from home.

It was still fairly early so decided to walk to the town and find the train station.

It took another 5 minutes . the town was a gem full of history . There were several groups of school kids who were having a tour a x being told about the civil war as Harper’s Ferry was the scene of a

large battle.

I shadowed one group listening to the guide tell the children about the history.

I then went to find the outfitters as I fancied buying a chair. a lightweight hiking chair. the shop was full of gear but nothing that I really wanted. I then fancied breakfast or a snack but nothing was open yet. so decided to explore the station.

Okay I’ll head back . it was now becoming a warm day. so visited the AT Center on the way back. Whilst here I checked my email. and ordered the chair on Amazon to be sent to the next town.

I brought another soda then headed back to the hostel.

Once back I sorted through my stuff before trying to sort out my bank.

I decided that it may be easier to put a bolt on to current phone bundle. and for $10 it was. Once that was in place I called my bank in the UK and in 2 minutes everything was fixed. A big sigh of relief !!!!.

I then chilled out in the hostel .

before taking my tent outside to dry in the sun. It was so HOT that it took mete minutes for my tent to be dried. I wiped off any dead creatures slugs a d other nasties. Then I cleaned my stakes before rolling up my tent and putting it away in its new stuff sack

I wanted to visit Washington DC tomorrow so was trying to sort clothes. my shorts were smelly so I washed them a d my socks in the sink before pegging them out on the line.

I then was checking my email. and noticed that zippy was in town I texted her to see where she was.

I then decided to head back to the old town grab a beer and food.

As I walked past the AT Center I saw Zippy omg we had a Big hug before posing outside the Center

I’m off for dinner so will catch you later and continued on my way.

I walked into the “Halfway to Heaven restaurant. grabbed a table and ordered a beer.

I ordered the crab cakes and enjoyed my beer and the afternoon sun as I waited for my meal. Another hiker. called xxxxx asked if he could join me

As we chatted we found out we both did the PCT in 2014 and hikers with many of the same people. how spooky.

my crab cakes arrived and shortly disappeared. followed by several more ales.

The other hiker left. as I heard my name being called. sat a little behind was Solo and several other hikers so I went and joined them.

At 9pm I decided that it was time to leave and set off back to the hostel.

When i arrived it was almost on darkness a big change from.the night before!

So I found my bed and was soon asleep

Start 1024.8

Finish 1024.8

Miles ZERO


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