Day 77

June 25th

I crept out of bed at 6am and packed up ,then quitely took my pack outside.

I returned to my bed and checked that I handnt forgotten anything. I nipped upstairs and filled my bladder …Why had I not left that in the fridge over night Doh.

I finished packing up a then put wet shoes …Nice.

I hoisted up my pack and set off back to the trail.

Okay let’s finish this Dam roller coaster..The first part followed the cliff face and nearby the no camping sign were 2 hammocks .This made me smile.

I had a small omg then the trail headed down . so could hear cars in the distance so I guess I was heading to a road. THE road soon appeared and it was busy. bloody busy. I followed the road or rather the arows untill it pointed across the road.

I waited for a few minutes then made a break for it .Phew safely across.

I then got back to climbing and pushed on after my second climb I paused and enjoyed the view. It was now getting warmer as I started yet another climb. typically there. was a nice breeze when I started my decent pity it wasn’t when I climbed.

I then came to a sign hurrah I’ve finished the roller coaster whoop whoop.

Then next couple of hours I walked through some lovely forests and meadows passing several day hikers .

I then saw a familiar face it was Smidge coming the other way

Snailtrainer she called

God where are you you g and w,here have you been as I’ve missed you . We then had a huge hug.

Sadly she had been ill and so came off trail .then spent thdcweekend with friends . and was now hiking South.

I pushed on as the Sun got hotter I wanted to hike non stop until 1pm but it was now only 11.30. as the shelter came into view.

Okay Snail lunch time. I detoured down to the shelter .zit was a big shelter with a veranda and large picnic shelter as well.

When i arrived tree hugger was just about to leave . we chatted exchanges photos a d be was gone.

I sat on the veranda in the sun and relaxed. took out my snack bag and enjoyed my break.

I then went and got water then I was almost ready to go . but I was relaxed ……..

Come on Snail …. Reluctantly I got up and slung on my pack and then headed out

8 miles left .wow I should be there by 4ish.. may be.

I really was enjoying my day and the trail hips began to get really sore , uncomfortably sore. I stopped and body glided my skin. The skin looked raw dam . It’s this bloody humidity. it’s makes me so wet with sweat.

I carried on wincing and trying to block.put the pain.

I’m.not hiking tomorrow so that will help it heal. but may have to tape it.

Harper’s Ferry was getting nearer but at this moment the trail became rocky so rocky I struggled to walk over some of it and if I twisted my pack hurt me more.

At last a sign that read AT Center 1.8 miles

Cool as this was my first target of the day. The trail began to circle down. I then crossed a road. and then could see the Shedandoah river. and the bridge that I must cross.

I just arrived AT the bridge when a happy Feet zoomed by me. she was in a hurry .

I crossed under the bridge then climbed up the other side . and started to cross . zit was a long bridge and beneath the muddy Shenandoah River flowed.

Once across the trail then headed back up.the mountain

.Bloody he’ll I moaned as I started to climb but once up the gradient become less steep.

At the summit I follows the Blue Blazes to the AT. headquarters. I dropped my pack outside and walked in. inside there we’re many familiar faces. I went go the fridge and grabbed a lemonade. that I imeaditly drained.followed by another and then a pink.lemoande then a coke. flowed by 2 ice lollys. I dropped my cash into. the tin.

I then had my photo taken for the book then j was done

Hostel time I set off up.the road. still trying go.ignore the pain. I found the hostel I was looking for . expensive but it’s the price around here..

I found a bunk and dropped my stuff. I had to make my own bed !!!.once sorted l had a great shower bathed my wounds and could relax.

Again there were several familiar faces here. so it was great to catch up.

Once settled in I decided to walk to the 7/11. I just wanted some lemonade, Ice cream and some crisps. I fancied beer but this hostel is dry !!!.

Once back I cooked up some odds that I had been carrying .

It was surprisingly tasty!.then it was time for ice cream . I had chosen BlackBerry. it was okay , not the best :(.

I then did some ordering and then g to work out where to send stuff.

Then it was zzz time

start 1004

Finish 1024.8

Miles 21


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