Day 74

I had to be up for breakfast but not until 8.30 so I dozed .

I had managed lock my banking so this was my main priority. Scot was making breakfast. and out side the rain continued to fall. Most peep had decided to take a seemed such a good idea

Scot is there room for one more night . Yes snail but we will need to bump you up to the house

cool so now I can relax and concentrate on the bank issues. The problem is there is no cell service. so I tried my UK sim, still no service.

I made myself busy untill I could shift my gear over to the house, which I couldn’t do untill 12 ish. Outside the rain continued to pour and pour.

I’m sure the trail must be a boggy mess … such fun.

at last I could move my stuff .

I grabbed my pack and walked over with Onion and tree hugger. after settling in we all decided to nip into town. Dog whisper joined us. We asked Scot to recomend a place so he dropped us off at the Blue Frog.

it was a smart looking restaurant there was an English chef who helping out and he was having a quick beer , his London Accent gave him away.

I had a burger . rare with bacon and avocado and salsa fries . Both were delious.

Whilst in the restaurant I was able to ring my bank . the lady said she had changed my security to slow me to reset my online banking

after we finished up. we decided to see a movie and chose the incredibles 2.

It was a great fun film . after I visited the outfitters . I really fancy a chair it’s lightweight . and so nice to have something to sit on ….

Maybe when I get to Harper’s Ferry!!.

Okay we all needed some bits from.the groceries so walked to the store

I also brought a frozen meal for tea which i enjoyed with a few beers

Then it was bed .

Miles zero


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