Day 74 Heading to Bears Den Hostel Mile 1004

The alarm went off at 5.30 I snoozed it. when it went off again, I let down my mat . Got up and went outside for a pee then let down my food bag. then began to remove my fly .

I put on my stove, as the water heated, I rolled bag and pad. then stripped down . I eat breakfast drained my tea then I was ready.

I hoisted pack and I was on the trail by 6.30.
The trail was even worse with this rain .I was sloshing through liquid mud and did for most of the morning .
This stuff really sapped my energy and it was a nice change when I entered the national park and was walking through some nice meadows., but it wasn’t long until the mud returned . It was like walking through tar , it was bloody hell., but I was still  making good time .

I eventually arrived at the start of the roller coaster. The  first climb was not too steep , but the humidity was a nightmare , and I was quickly soaked with sweat  that caused my hit belt to rub .making my waist sore
After my second  climb I decided to have an early lunch. At 11.30 I found a nice rock and relaxed for 40 mins , before returning  back to the climb. I headed up  which was shortly followed by a down    eventually   emerging  onto the road. Fantastic  there was trail magic
I had a cup of  juice and then was given a glass of wine and a banana. I sat chatting for  to my fellow hiker trash , for far too long.

Eventually I returned to the trail and my climbing  and continued  up, but it wasn’t long before ii began descending. As I began the next climb the thunder returned and loud . almost deafening. As I reached the summit  the thunder grew   louder and seemed much closer.
The rain now returned I lowered my head  and  pushed on.
I had four miles to go but I was tiring. and my pace became a plod.
The weather cant seem to make up its mind  as the  sun  now reappeared and  it soon became  hot , that was just perfect  for the  next climb, and it was steep.
I  then came to a  1000-mile marker whoop whoop.

Passing this large marker spurred me  on , until I came to another steep climb . The sun was  glaring down on my  , I was still melting, and this climb seemed endless. I pushed on and up and  kept climbing.
At last I was at the top and went in search of the hostel.
I walked in found a bunk then grabbed a shower OMG it was so good .
At last I could check in. The price was  $30  which included a soda. Pizza, ice cream and laundry. bargain .
I grabbed a pizza and put it in the oven. once cooked it was swiftly eaten . followed by a tub of ice cream and washed down with several lemonades
This was followed by several movies before  my bunk called

start 987
Finish 1004
Miles 17


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