Day 73

After yesterday’s late late start

I was Hoping that I would maybe on the trail earlier.My first alarm went off. I silenced it. Then second went off st 6 am I meant to snooze it but cancelled it. I lay dozing try g not to sleep.

Come on get up.

I emerged and did a huge horse wee, before collecting my food bag. I stripped off my fly and then fired up my stove for tea.

Whilst that heated I stripped down the rest of my gear and then my tent. although I struggled with my tent as o. the bottom. or group sheet it was covered in slugs .and these little buggers were not easy to remove. s d the. I had to repeat the process on the footprint.

Okay we are done. I hoisted up mypack and and set off back to the store. I hoped for hot coffee and danish but the sign said open from.9 am and it was only 7.30. Oh well .

I made .y way back up the path and rejoined the trail.

Again it was a nice cool morning as I made my way along the trail .Occasionally there was a viewing point for me to take a look.

as the morning moved on the fog decended again . so the views become hidden in mist.

andd then an hour later the so. returned. I pushed on util 12 when I decided to take a break.

I crossed a road and you d a suitable log to sit on. dropped my pack and opened up my snack bag.

Whilst I sat chilli g I checked Guthooks I had done 9.7 miles COOL. I should be able to do the same and get to the hostel.

as I began a steep downhill part my legs suddenly disappeared and I lay in a heap.

as voice asked if I was okay and helped me up . I was good but embarrassed. The guy was part of a 10 strong team who were out pulling invasive plants from.tbe trail.

I thanked him sheepishly and continued .

with his words of have a great hike echoing in my ears.

On the next switchbacks .i.met the rest if the crew

I felt good and happy as I pounded down the trail . I soon noticed somebody behind me it was Dog a hiker I had shared a room with in As I wainsboro.

He was slack packing so raced past me. Although I eventually caught him getting water at the next stream..

From.this point the hostel was 7 miles down apart from.a small climb.

i have got this and took off after Dog .the trail indeed goes down and i crossed out of the Shendoah Park.

I circled down until I came to a hut / shelter. I decided to visit it and at least sign my name .

It was very clean and tidy and Empty .

I didn’t stay long as I had a target to meet .

Down and down switchback after switch back I eventually came to a fairly large creek. Okay let’s try and cross this and stay dry !!!!!.

Once across i sat on another log a d checked my phone which promptly died Bugger .

I grabbed my battery and plugged in my phone . before starting thevlsst climb.

as I climbed 4 deer walked out in front of me . It made me laugh as I hadn’t seen any all day.

Once over this hill it was another long downhill until.the main road.

I time enjoying the view. When I got to the road there was another hiker sat chilling .Which way to the hostel. To the right .


I found the hostel and checked in $30.

Dog as already here.

I found a bed.dropped my pack and jumped straight into the shower. Then Dog and I got a lift to town. We were going to the Brewery but they had a private party so We found a bar. The beer was good and i had ribs again and cheese cake for desert.

We then got picked up . but stopped to get beer and snacks

once back I sorted out laundry drank few beers then zzz

Miles 20


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