Day 71

I woke early. retrived my food from. the box , packed up and was on the trail by 7.30 Good effort SNAIL.

I wanted some good Miles today after what I thought was a poor day yesterday . so headed up the trail with determination andooming forward to a good breakfast at the next wayside.

it was a good trail not many climbs and a great surface ping went my watch . wow I was really flying. I will be there much earlier. Good I thought. as I came down a hill I thought I could see a field of bee hives but as I got nearer I could see that they were grave stones in a small cemetery. I was just crossing over the road she. I met 2 hikers coming the other way and they were both British. we chatted for a moment and they gave .e directionsto the wayside.

I was soon at the wayside. I dropped my pack and placed it by the wall with my sticks .

I went I to the restaurant a d choose a seat. I offered z large lemon soda and a big breckfast. while ibwaiged k soon drained my drink . and S I put the glass down a.otbsr appeared. I was staring out of the window when. Bumble bee arrived. she dropped her pack next to mine and joined me at the table . My breakfast arrived and I set to work on it .

It was good . I then had another of the amazing BlackBerry Shakes. yummy.

When done I wandered through the store . brought a ham and cheese sub, a fruit salad and another box of wine for later.

I then sat in the sun for five minutes reorganizing my pack.

Omg I have spent almost 1.5 hours here. Dam lol okay I may not make the second shelter

I set off leapfrogging Bumblebee for most of the after noon. I was just starting another climb when I noticed 2 hikers standing in the trail .

Omg one was Squirrel. hey great go see you .we chatted for a while. before Ied us off .

but the climb was steep a d so I had to stop for a break. Squirrel past me and then vanished. . I followed on still. leapfrogging Bumblebee. we eventually arrived at a riding school .when a dozen young hikers sat around picnic tables .

Suddenly whooosh the heavend opened sending the hikers scurrying about. I managed to get under the porch a d put my packs rain. cover on . Bumblebee did the same. You know what Snail a hotel would be a good idea.

And I had to agree with her. as the Lodge was .2 miles up the road

We made our way there through the downpour. We found the office and I. booked a room little pricy but hey .

I then found the bar and inside was fish . he ok I ed .e a d we did a few beers. then j had dinner. After I looked around the store a d brought several t-shirts and bits.

I then retrieved my backpack and went in search of my room. It was a little way but eventually I found it.

Once in I stripped off and had song lovely shower so so good.

the. I relaxed on the bed opened my wine and watched a film on the telly .

miles 17


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