Day 70

Mon 18th June

Considering my slot I slept okay. my alarm went off at 5.30 and I snoozed it . Finally emerging at 6 30 .

I packed up in a hurry but it still took me an hour before I stepped onto the trail .

I pushed on as it was already hot too hot far too hot. the forest was so humid that the water. was flowing out of me in minutes …..not a good sign.

As I made my way up towards the summit I was surprised on how little campsites / tentsites there were and thought myself lucky to have found that spot

Eventually I reached the top chemist was just packing up but he would soon catch me .

After the summit i began to spiral down, but I was melting it was oh so hot. As I continued I saw an opening so went to see if there was a view. Yes there was and it was pretty good. I was just leaving when Batty came past hiya snail she said . As I continued down the trail I met a ranger coming up he wanted to see my pass . once he saw it he was happy and very chatty

I pushedon eventually meeting back up with Chemist who was getting water so I stopped to fill up too.

The rest of the morning was climb climb and climb some more . I pushed on but I was melting so finally took a break at 12pm a. hour earlier than I would of liked. I sat on a rock sweating .

I was so HOT and wet but not in a good way.. after 30 mins I resumed my hike . but with a new goal.

My plan was now to get to the campground. so a 16 mile day.

But I was so tired and weary with more climbs to do that I wondered if I could make that .

Several hours later I came to a marker post. I had arrived.

I made my way along the side trail dropping down into the park. I walked not sure where I was going. Eventually I asked someone .Excuse me do you know where the store is.

Up on your left came the answer.

I walked on until i spyed several other hikers. and the store.

I dropped my pack and walked inside where I ordered a pint of ice cream. 2 beers and a lemon soda.

I walked over to the other hikers who were sat at a picnic table and attacked my spoils.

the ice cream was delicious . the lemonade quenched my thirst and I was now ready for beer

Once done I went back into the store brought bug spray ,a tube of Pringles ,another meal and another box of wine. then enquired about a shower . A shower cost a buck so I handed over money and she gave me. back 1/4s

I took off my shoes and socks and walked right in shampooing my clothes before stepping out of them.

I soaped myself again then I was done. I put on fresh dry gear. before wringing out my old . I was just getting my pack ready when Bumblebee and No-poles appeared. Good choice on the wine I said

She laughed.

I stood up ready to leave when the heavens opened . so I sat back down. It was a good 20 minutes before it stopped and the pavements began to steam.

It was so difficult to leave but I must. the next shelter was about 2 miles away .. That will do me for the day .

I marched out of the camp and back to the trail and began to walk . but then was annoyed as there were other paths to the camp ,much shorter than the one I came down arrh.

Okay 2 miles that’s about an hour. I pushed on untill I came to the concrete marker post that informs you of landmatks in the Shenadoah park. The shelter or huts as they are called in the Shenadoahs was down a side trail .1 miles theclost said . I headed down and soon saw the hut .there were 4 section hikers there who I had been leapfrogging for most of the day. They had tried to camp but got hit by the earlier rain . I went and found a tent site before returning to cook my food . I i tried a new meal which was feally tasty and wasbhed it down wigh red wine . i cleaned up then lut my food in a bear box. makes a changd not to put my food bag in a tree much easier.

miles walked 17


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