Day 67 Wainsboro


I quickly packed up as the Brewery do a hiker breakfast for 5bucks.

I wandered over looking for where I had to go . Then I spotted over hikers so knew I was at the right place.

I dropped my pack and went inside . I paid my 5$ and received coffee, a large bowl of oatmeal followed by a plate with scrambled egg. sausage, 2 biscuits (scones) and fried potatoes.

Both bowl and plate were soon empty. and then I received a free t-shirt. Wow what clever marketing .

I chatted to various other hikers before I decided that I needed to hike to the next town as I had miscalculated my days.

And wainsboro is where my new pack is . And if I hike the next bit I wouldn’t be able to get my pack until Monday.

Bugger . Okay hitch it is .

I walked back to the road and put out my trusty thumb.

Must be lucky as got a ride quickly . anywhere near wainsboro post office please.

The journey took 30 mins ..My driver Ron offered to wait and take me to the hostel after.

I walked into the post office . I hope it’s here now I said to myself. The post office was fait empty so I was served quickly and given a large box great . I thanked the lady and got ack to the car.

As we drove through the town. Ron pointed out restaurants and the outfitters most of went straight out my other ear.

The hostel was really nice .

I grabbed a bunk and then began to empty my pack and put my gear into my shiny new one.

I then put my old one into the new box. taped it up and headed back to the post office.

Omg it cost me loads to send it home but it’s on its way !!

As I was leaving I bumped into some freinds . We are going for the Chinese Buffet Snail you want to come?

The restaurant was a few blocks but what an amazing place

there were rows and rows of food and Coy carp swimming inside.

my first plate was spring rolls. and other deep fried favourites.

Plate two was lots of different chicken dishes and noodles.

well after my 5th visit I was alost stuffed. But I could still.manage pudding…. Rude not too.

After ,the guys wanted to visit the outfitters , so I came along for the ride. The outfitters had a great section . I grabbed gas, a plastic cup and some energy drink mix.

Once back I updated some videos then. decided to go shopping. I brought some bits at the dollar store then headed to walmart to finish off and buy beer and fruit.

Once back I decanted my food. Typivally i have far too much .oh well I will eat it.

Then I sat out in the sun ate an orange .drank a large lemonade and then it was time for a beer or two and relaxed. as it began to get dark i came inside . most people were ordering pizza but I was a little tired of pizza so cooked up something from my horde of food. an spent the rest of the evening watching Adam sardlar in a film on Netflix.

Then it was zzzz

Miles zero


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