Day 66. Beer Legs


It was get to the Brewey day a mere 18 miles easy right .

I finished my cup of tea and stowed my pot.

Okay snail easy day .I will be there at 3pm I told myself as I hoisted up my pack. I waved to the other hikers as I past by the shelter and back towards the trail. I hadn’t gone far when Bob appeared wow what time did you start Bob.

I pushed on it was a nice cool morning but the trail was not to my liking. it was horid rock.

But the trail had been recently cut back so was easier to walk along . The trail now began to head down and quite dramatically . God it was steep I felt admiration for the trail guys doing down this with their weed wacker.

Every now and then there was a clearing where you could look down into the valley.

But I was in a hurry and so didn’t stop . The trail continued down and would continue for the next 3 miles. I pushed on happy in the fact there would be ale at the end of the day.

Round the next corner sat Jingle . so I stopped and said hi .He’s Japanise and in his 60,s and got his name as he carries bear bells.

I continued on and eventually came to the road .I was just checking my maps when jingle arrived. Hey Snailtrainer you coming to get breakfast?

It did sound like a great idea but then I had to hike a 6 mile climb and with breakfast in my tummy.

I poitely refused. crossed the road and began the climb

It was fairly gentle at first with nice switchbacks . Then it began to go down again . Why are you going down you stupid trail . I was busy muttering to myself when Jingle appeared behind me.

What happened about breakfast ? I asked

No hitch he said.

I let him pass and began to pace him and followed him still heading down untill we came to a large stream .

A hiker named Solo was already there . Jingle stopped but I pushed on . The climb now began in ernest. I passed by the next shelter.debated wether to go sign the book but pushed on . The trail was fairly steep and rocky Omg I thought getting to the Brewery may be delayed. I huffed and puffed my way up.

Then I heard someone behind .it was Solo I moved over but he said no. your okay and so he tracked me for some distance . but this climb was tough ad so I needed to stop for a break and so at the next clearing I stopped and sat down on a huge granite slab. Catch you later solo I shouted.

Omg I was struggling today the long long down first thing had taken it’s toll as it kills your knees. And my fuel tank was fairly depleted.

I woofed down some snacks guzzeled some water before returning to the trail.

I hadn’t gone too far when I came across Jingle doing the same .

The trail now began to tease with it roller coaster route but the downs were dips and the ups large climbs . this went on for the next hour . Then it turned into just a huge climb. It had switchbacks but I was struggling. It was no good I had to stop again . I slumped down on a log . God this is killing me.

I glugged down more water and finished off my snacks .I just sat there staring at the green canopy above.

Okay let’s go .I hoisted my pack and plodded forward. I was still nodding when Rockwall appeared and raced past me. . How does he do that. I muttered to myself..

After another hour I had reached the summit but it still climbed but not as steep thank god. I was scared to check my watch or map in case it was still too far. At last I came to the second shelter. Okay okay 1.5 miles to go. Come on Snail.

But it’s still up omg. Arrhhh I pushed on .I was l knackerd.

I began to meet people, clean people that’s a good sign.

At last the trail began to head down and I could here traffic. the beer legs now began to work and I could now clearly see the road. and shortly I was stood st the road.

Jingle was sat on the other side of the road.

There’s no shuttle he said.

I know I said you need to hitch.

At that moment Rockface and Bob appeared so there was now four of us . Which makes hitching harder.

But the 3 car stopped and somehow we squeezed in including our packs.

The next minute we were driving into the Backbone Brewery. Omg what a complex it was huge . camping.sound stage the Brewery restaurants and much more.

we thanked our ride and headed to the bar. leaving all our packs lent against the wall.

I needed lemonade first. Then I was ready for beer.

I started low. Then raised the bar to a 5% I was now hungry so ordered Ribs and a stout to go with it. Wow the ribs were amazing. .meat falling off of the bone and so tender. big thumbs up.

Jingle had drank 2 pints .Then decided to go for the taster which was six beers of his choice. It was also his downfall as he had to be taken to his tent. But ended up sleeping on a picnic table.

several beers later. I thought I ought to go put up my tent before I can’t!!.

I also took a 30 min snooze changed clothes. before returnig back to the bar. But I was not going to be late


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