Day 65


I was up early retrieved my food bag and returned to my tent. I fired up my stove and began to strip down. I also made Instant oats as i needed energy as I had a huge clmb shortly.

I finished packing drank my tea and I was ready.

Silver Back was just leaving so I set off After her. but she was soon out of sight.

it was a fairly cool morning as I started the climb. omg if went on and on . In places the grass had been cut and it l looked recent. Then I came across a trail worker. I thanked him for his efforts

As I climbed I met several snakes all the same kind but I didn’t know if they were Friendly I gave them a wide birth. I pushed on meeting three more trail workers all with their weed wackers.

So the trail was really nice to walk on I pushed on climbing phew it was warm and steep .

Ping wdntvmy watch . right I said and decided to take a break . as I was resting 2 slack packers came by.

Wow that was a hard hard climb one said.

I sarcastically replied you want to try it with a backpack on !!

I was just about to leave when Silver Back arrived . but by the time I was on trail she had vanished. Wow she must be shifting. I was in a huge meadow with great views all around

I followed the path as it wound it’s way across finally dipping back into the forest where I stayed for most of the day . popping out now and then to get a view of the valley.

The hours where counting down as the miles fell.

But I was tired and my pace began to fade and so I was so pleased to at last see the sign that read Shelter. I followed the blue blaze untill the shelter appeared. There was a family who were section hiking.

I found a spot put up my tent and then cooked tea. As I was eating Silver Back appeared.

I thought you had gone on I said.

No I stopped st the last shelter she said.

It was really buggy around the shelter so I retreated to my tent.

miles walked 22


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