Day 64


I slept reasonably well got up and headed to the launderette.

I changed notes into 1/4s brought powder and put my clothes on to wash the timer said 30 mins. so I decided to wander back to town I want I yo the garage and grabbed a coffee and a bacon and egg muffin. pinged it in the microwave . paid and walked back to the launderette.

It was spacious and very clean. I woofed my muffin and drank my coffee as my clothes finished before popping them into the dryer.

Once done I walked back to the shelter and began to pack up. Once that was done .I took a shower. Omg it felt so good.

now I had wanted to visit the Italian restaurant for lunch which opened st 11 am but then someone said the shuttle can take one more. So the next minute I was putting my pack into.the back of his car.

I tipped him 5 bucks before hoisting my pack up and setting off down the trail.

it was fait overcast and cool great for me as there were several large climbs first thing.

As I be a. my first climb the fog began to close in so you were unaware of your surroundings apart from the fact you were heading up.

so pushed on and up surprised on my energy levels .

Then I heard a friendly voice , it was Bob.

Bob I thought that you would be in front of me.. Well he said needed to leave something at the shelter.

I laughed. where is Zippy?

Behind said Bob. and then he disappeared into the mist.

After an hour I emerged onto the top. but being foggy there was nothing to see.

So after a short spell of down it was the second up. This was steeper but I still seemed to race up it again emerging out into daylight. Day on a rock were Bob and Silver Back.

Is it lunch time I asked putting down my pack. as we all ate and chatted the valley below suddenly appeared through the fog as the fog vanished. But as we finished and lifted our packs the view had once again been replaced by the fog.

I followed Bob down the trail watching him slowly inch away

and with silverback behind me.

Then Bob met the invisible man and so stopped to chat.

i past him and sped on stopping a litre further ahead myself at the shelter sign. But it was a little off trail so u decided not to visit it.

As I stood decideding SilverBack came by.

What have you done with Bob I asked?

She laughed and pushed on.

I thought she had a good pace so I fell in behind. a d tracked her for several miles.

We eventually emerged onto a viewing area .but with nothing to see. but I spied the trash .ca. so walked over to loose my rubish.

SilverBack hadn’t stopped so again I bega. to chase her Down. again I followed her for a while before she waved by.

The trail at this point was really lovely with a great tread meaning I could really push and push I did.

Then it appeared whoop whoop the “800′ Mile marker. as I was taking pictures halfway appeared it’s 800 miles I said to him whoop.

I pushed on heading for the road and hoping that there maybe trail magic.

But as I crossed it I was sadly disappointed oh well would of been nice to drink a beer at the 800 mile

the next shelter marker appeared. which I ignored. a.d pushed on I was only going on for maybe another few miles but I was still flying so still pushed. was I was decending another hi I could see big dam and river . I wondered if I would cross it but then the trail changed directions . Ping we.t my watch alerting me to.the fact it was 4Pm . mm I thought j get water next then I can. decide what to do .

I wasn’t long until a creek appeared I dropped my pack. d filled 1 litres just in case. I then checked my map . 2.5 miles to the shelter. Is that all . I was surprised. I can do that . I hoisted up my pack and sett off . target to get to . and oddly I wasn’t tired 2 new to go then I can into clay . slippy slidy mud it was like this for AT least a mile . I uttered obscenities under my breath as I fought to stay upright at last proper tread reappeared alonging me to push again. I was now following the timer again. and was anoutvto cross over a bridge when I spied tents .

Snailtrainer someone called.

it was Bob Narley and happy Feet. Oh my God good

Miles. walked 20


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